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  1. luckily i've had the chance to see both of these in a theater over the last year


    Eraserhead fucked me up. i watched the film a few years ago and thought it was good-not-great, but seeing it on the big screen, with LOUD sound was a truly immersive experience.


    but Blue Velvet is probably the best neo-noir of the 80's (Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa is very mad at me for saying that), and the Maclachlan-Lynch connection is undeniable. where Eraserhead wins in sound design and atmosphere, Blue Velvet is impeccably written, and void of any formal choice i'd doubt for a second. I'd still take Fire Walk With Me over both of these (combined with the Pilot to really cheat) but Blue Velvet is my pick

  2. I mean, we have Double Indemnity but film noir is huge

    I'd rather see a neo-noir episode. Chinatown is an easy shoe-in, and I'd hate to put something like The Long Goodbye against it but maybe some 80s neo-noir like Blood Simple v Mona Lisa or something in that vein. Mona Lisa is an underrated classic.



    Also Brick was good but the Coens put out The Man Who Wasn't There around that time, which deserves much more respect in the genre imo.



    Also, Inherent Vice is the best film noir since The Long Goodbye

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  3. Whiplash was good on first viewing but watching it again in class (really? Yes lol) and then again on cable last month I've changed my mind on it being great to just pretty good. It's a sports movie whose character mocks sports, and his relationship to his family makes less sense each time I watch.



    I remember LOVING Juno when it came out -- one of my first rightfully-admitted PG-13 films to age myself-- and a recent cable viewing held up surprisingly well.

    This should be an interesting ep

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