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  1. i like that splitsider article about Grease Knows Eggs. they really appeal to us nerds, using hot nerd key words, like "trilogy" and "anti-comedy", as well as words that only real nerds would know the definition of, such as "apropos", "transgressive", and using "faux" as a prefix. splitsider knows that their readers also read books and are smart, and if you aren't a smart nerd, you might as well fuck off.

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    I'm sorry you weren't emotionally stunted in 7th grade while listening to fall out boy like me, because you're missing out on some awesome folk punk, dude. I'm seeing them next month in Tampa and I'm stoked.



    oh no, i listen to a lot of very immature emotive music. front bottoms are just too whiny for me. and death cab for cutie is one of my all-time favorite bands.



    i actually might see front bottoms soon though, because Elvis Depressedly is opening for them on tour, and I love me some ED.