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  1. do you people like Doug Loves Movies? I just went to a taping at ucb and Paul F. Tompkins did Werner Herzog and that was one of the longest periods of laughing i've ever experienced.


    I think i laughed the entire time i saw Hollywood Handbook at ucb (both times).


    speaking of hardest time i've ever laughed, Pete Holmes talks about that on his podcast too, am i right? that guy is a fucking dweeb.

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  2. Yo Is This Sexist featuring Silvrwoman and MC_khaleezy


    Episode idea: Is surprise smoochies sexist?


    would subscribe and listen.


    in fact, send me over the pilot, i'll put together a little pitch package for wolfcool. all i need is to be credited as the executive producer and get 40% of the ad revenue. also, i'll be on the show weekly, doing my Tracy Morgan in a Nursery character.

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  3. Hi, remember when I whined about Who Charted? They listened and are scrapping the music/movie charts! My power has intensified, so just hope I don't turn it on HH. (My only complaint would be to get rid of that new guy Engineer Connor. I still don't know who that is. Stop it, Steve.)



    so what is the format of the show gonna be without those charts? just interview? could be cool.

  4. CBB was just a tad weak today. That said, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, when my favorite podcast - the consistently hilarious, always great, Hollywooooooood Handbook comes out



    the first segment was real good, but i didn't really like the character that came in.


    Every segment on Hollywood Handbook is real good, also smart.

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