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  1. Watching this LĂ  Podfest episode is very exciting. I've never had the chance to see Sean and Hayes do an episode with both my ears and my eyes.


    They maintain pretty intense eye contact throughout the ep. Take note millenials. Always looking down at your iphones. All your fancy apps are no substitute for good eye contact and a strong handshake.


    p.s. this is my new persona on the forum - grumpy old dad



    The iPhone was also used in the opening bit of Hollywood Handbook Live at UCB Sunset with Brian Huskey.

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  2. I did some freakingnomics with likes-to-posts ratios of all (?) forum members who posted in last weeks episode and came to some pretty interesting conclusions. As of ~11 pm on September 28, the list is as follows.


    RanRan - 10.0

    Dairy Pillows - 10.0

    Dixon - 9.3

    Danny Boy Wizard - 8.9

    Jakal - 8.3

    A bear - 7.8

    nohorseman - 7.2

    Just Add Pepper - 7.2

    Valerie Bryant - 6.9

    Joe McGurl - 6.9

    Houston - 6.6

    Jan Jr esq - 6.1

    devscoots - 6.0

    Spunky Foonerism - 6.0

    Andrew - 5.9

    JeffreyParties - 5.6


    Chefski - 5.5

    chicknsandwich - 5.5

    agata - 5.5

    robotam - 5.4

    mikebonetti - 5.2

    greggy - 5.2

    elizamuffins - 4.9

    Michael Bay of Pigs - 4.9

    ronnie hog - 4.9

    mwn - 4.7

    Anatasia Vigo - 4.6

    SteveH - 4.1

    touchy seeley - 4.0

    DoctorFrog - 3.8

    Chanson - 3.7

    Norm - 3.6

    skizelo - 3.5

    Silvrwoman - 3.5

    souprman - 3.1

    Jack Johnson P.I. - 2.7

    Jacob C - 2.6

    o o o o o - 2.8

    Bernard_Shakey - 2.3

    Joe Lerini - 2.2


    I was going to post my analysis as well but who cares. Probably boils down to be three things. Be a girl. Post less. Be funny cool smart nice.



    2.8 hm...


    Well it seems that my best efforts were for no reward. I will now talk in a purposefully less interesting fashion, in order to achieve a perfect 0.0 for next week.

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  3. Just throwing some other p-casts out there: Pistol Shrimps Radio - 1/2 of Superego improvise a basketball match over a sound effects track of sneakers squeaking and foghorns blaring. With occasional guest Tig Notaro.

    can't tell if it's a joke descirption, but for those who don't know, they are watching a women's recreational basketball team, the pistol shrimps (matt gourley's gf is on the team) play, not improvising a fake bball game

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  4. I forgot to mention that The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project is an all time favorite of mine. I must have listened to the Don Dimello ep at least 20 times. I didn't really know Matt Gourley at all before the pod and now I really like him. I listen to I Was There Too sometimes while I am cooking dinner or getting ready for the day. They aren't "funny" but I just find Gourley to be so likeable. Omg the German ep of that pod...


    Only regret is that he never had Hayes and Sean on, 1-800-COME ON NOW!



    Gourley's great. i feel weird listening to his podcasts a lot now though, because he is my professor

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  5. time to air podcast grievances


    Hollywood Handbook - the best show.


    The Best Show - too long, still good. maybe make it 2hr


    The Champs - no drops. the drops were the best part.


    Comedy Bang Bang - great show. not enough Hayes and Sean apearances


    Mike & Tom Eat Snacks - everybody knows that wacko-snacko is the best way to do the show, do it every time


    Getting Doug With High - every episode where the person says in the beginning that they don't really smoke is bad. They just don't talk very much and I can't really do an hour of all-benson.

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  6. Wow I can't believe I've never heard of this podcast. dougpound was on it?


    The first 54 episodes of The Champs include DJ Douggpound as a cohost (alongside Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher. It was my 2nd favorite show behind Hollywood Handbook (and at times i'd say it was my favorite show). They don't interview white people, mainly black people with some latinos, some asians, and Kumail. Doug did drops on the show and would interrupt interviews, and it was the greatest thing. There was so much tension in the podcast because Doug would just drop in soundbites of Neal being a name dropper. One of the only podcasts where there seemed to be a lot of genuine tension between hosts. Doug quit after the Chris Rock episode. He said he was burnt out from not making money, but that's also the episode where he was asked not to do drops. On his new podcast he does a drop sometimes that says "Chris Rock will never come on the poundcast and tell DJ DOUGGPOUND not to do his signature drops".

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  7. Discussion of Hayes's Who Charted appearance on this week's (stellar) PAW reminded me that on that show, he said he likes thee Oh Sees, who, what a coincidence, I'm playing with in a few hours. Hayes, if you want my guest list spot, it's yours. Just PM me in the next two hours so I can tell my friend Josie she got bumped for a celeb.



    thee oh sees are great! i was at the same set as hayes (fyf fest)

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