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  1. rewatched it this morning, for the first time since i was 8 years old.



    good, not great. definitely not Canon. Of the other '84 movies that Amy mentioned, I'd say yes to most of them. Here are some more Canon-worthy films from 1984, better than Ghostbusters:


    Paris, Texas

    Stop Making Sense

    Blood Simple


    Stranger Than Paradise

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  2. for those who want to get nerdy with understanding some of the references in this ep listen to this very good podcast ep:





    yes! this is one of my favorite things, makes the thought of Joe very funny for a long time lol


    the first few minutes are like "oh yeah, i guess i'm really obsessive in the way i take in albums and films, this is pretty relatable" and then it just gets crazier and crazier

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