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  1. Has anyone watched Clipped yet?


    I am scared.


    a guy from my communications class last semester was in the pilot, he was sitting in the barber's chair getting his hair cut around 8 minutes in, and had a nice exchange of dialogue with a character. what a doosie.



    awful show, i still laughed at Lauren's parts, because I was just imagining her talking to intern andy and making him horny on the Hollywood Handbook podcast. now THAT was a comedy episode i'll repeat.



    this is my third consecutive post. i should multi-quote. or throw them all together using the 'edit' function.

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    I always thought the Pet Sounds of hip hop was Paul's Boutique. And I'm not just saying that because I did Beastie Boys joke earlier. You'll notice that I didn't make any remarks when the subject of Paul Revere arose organically soon after my bringing up the Beastie Boys. I'm practicing reference-restraint.















    I think that Paul's Boutique is more comparable to something like Remain In Light for new wave, as it didn't define or revolutionize the genre, but it did change the course that the genre would take, and was ahead of it's time in production techniques

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  3. To Pimp a Butterly is like the time my dog ate my cat's throw up and proceeded to throw up of rap music.

    Mostly because Kendrick totally ripped off Pyramid Song for How Much A Dollar Cost.



    while most people agree with your second point, and i'm not sure how it relates to the first, i'm glad someone shares that first view point with me.

    most overacclaimed album of the year, if not decade thus far.

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  4. Cosign madvillainy being the best rap album ever. No hyperbole.


    Can't even compare it to other rap albums. It's contemporaries are like pet sounds, rubber soul, ok computer

    i don't think it was as innovative in its genre as Pet Sounds or OK Computer. the quality is there, however. I'd say the Pet Sounds of hip hop was The Low End Theory

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  5. i was working for the fourth. bar/restaurant i work at was completely empty, so at least i got to drink some of that beer that you're always talking about, rather than bussing tables all night.


    already drunk guy came in with a bottle of champagne and some sort of unidentifiable liquor. sat down at the bar, poured a glass for the bartender and practically bullied me into calling him an Uber because his phone was dead. he gave me $35 for a $20 ride, so I guess that was cool.

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  6. mm Erin was on the new episode of...the other podcast...today.



    is tomorrow just gonna be the live episode? i'm pretty excited to hear that back, and to hear my laughter. because i was crackin my whole butt off..but yeah, i think this live one was better than the last live one, more of a normal handbook ep, rather than having 5 guests