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  1. ...is the dream of the '90s alive there?

    it's funny, everybody totally disowns portlandia there, and one of the first things my friend i stayed with told me was that "the dream of the 90s is NOT alive there".



    if the dream of the 90s is that the city is only white people, then yeah, the dream is still alive.

    also, the beer scene is insane. growler fill-ups with at least 4 or 5 very tasty local crafts at every liquor store or gas station, and the breweries have insane selections. thought i'd throw that in there since everyone on this board likes to talk about beer. brought a case of Schute's summer ale home with me, very very tasty 8-)

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  2. wow, what a nice episode. i thought it was gonna be erin whitehead, and that was disappointing because i left her quite the popcorn gallery question (picture of a fish smoking a cigarette if you don't recall) in the last thread, but this was well worth it.



    what i remember off hand (also i listened within 5 minutes of waking up so it's a little foggy)

    -mr. bean getting a blue peter

    -slipping it in the wrong hole

    -lessons about eating pussy (wow this ep got dirty! i was listening to the hanford/ferguson ep last night and was laughing at the part where they said they haven't thought of a good way to say..you know...intercourse type stuff)

    -sean giving his lessons out of order (1-2-3-4-4-6-55?)

    -hayes killing it on the soundtrack front once again with the owl city instrumental (very rare, where did he find that?)




    got my shift covered for tonight, can't wait to see you all (and by you all, i mean Hayes & Sean, because I couldn't care less about people on a forum) tonight!



    (ok, i do care about you and if i recognize one of your faces i'll introduce myself)



    here are my pets since we're doing that





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  3. i think they've made the joke about Serial being the first podcast already on this show, or maybe on hollywood handbook, or maybe both. either way, i love it. Serial is literally the only podcast that people at my school will talk about so it really hit home and made me laugh my whole butt off. other good things

    -talkin' 'tang

    -drippin' milk

    -zouks marrying kulap after scott passes


    and of course the namesake of the ep


    one of my favorites of this year. gonna be hard to top the American Football episode but that's because i have an extreme bias to any emo band

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  4. https://www.scribd.c...1/Murder-Burger



    I wrote a forum horror script starring the forum qt superstar brgrho. A bunch of other forumers have parts as well, including Cathy Ackerman, JMonsterface, Toro y Mist, NoHorseman, mwn, ooooo, souprman, Dixon, Jacob C, and takehomejoke. I hope you like it!



    i was gonna outline another chapter of my film textbook, but i think i'll analyze this instead. the professor won't know the difference right? love ya ValBry




    EDIT: i have now read Murder Burger. I have mixed feelings. First off, you refer to me as ooooo, when it's really o o o o o (as in oh, oh, oh, oh, oh). Also, i get the crap beat out of me, which is very scary. as a whole, it felt a little campy.


    on the other hand, i laughed my whole freaking butt off, and loved the fact that although i got the crap beaten out of me, i did not get killed off. great job.

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  5. @ 00000

    I am pretty sure Im saying both words... Home and Art. Home Art.


    sorry babe, but it's o o o o o to you. only close friends of mine can delete the spaces and change the o to 0