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    I saw them in Brooklyn last year and it was amazing. They opened with 'Oh, Comely'. I also drank a big beer at a german bar and ate a sausage so it was a great night.


    i didn't have any sausage or beer last night but it was still great. they closed the normal set with oh comely, which was the first time i'd seen them play it (seen them twice previously). i saw jeff do it when he played a solo set but with the band doing the instrumentation at the end it made it that much better. the encore was Little Birds followed by the last 3 tracks of ITAOTS so it was pretty perfect. i smoked a joint that was as wide as a sausage? great night regardless

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  2. Favorite episode: Dan Klein / B.J Novak / PFT.2


    Favorite film: Rushomre


    Favorite tv show: soccer or Party Down


    Favorite band: Joyce Manor


    Favorite city: North Hollywood


    Red or Turqoise: 'or'


    Famous person I'd kiss on the cheek: Michael Jackson


    Fave number before 70: 420


    Joe and Tim's celeb name: Toe Jam thank you ma'am



    am i supposed to speculate what my cool rating is? i'd say C-/70

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  3. drove out to santa ana (which basically makes california look like a fucking flyover state or some bullshit, 40+ miles from hollywood are you kidding me?) to see Neutral Milk Hotel last night. Third time seeing them since the reunion and I'd have to say it was the best live experience I've ever had (other than Hollywood Handbook live @ UCB sunset)

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  4. Marc Macaroni is my favorite part of this whole episode, which is so stupid but I love it and can't look at his face without thinking of that name (I look at Marc's face a few times per hour throughout my day). Glad to see someone as spunky as Lapkus joining in on the fun, remembering someone as spunky as the late Dave. Thanks Dave, rest in late night peace.

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    Ah yes.. the self-styled "Nick Kroll comedy payola investigator" - I follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrivagoD


    She even looks nuts.



    wait what exactly is the deal with that part of her bio? i scrolled through her tweets for as long as possible without wanting to delete MY twitter (about 20 tweets), but nothing about Kroll. is this a thing she's done involving the aforementioned 3 blogs? im very out of the loop on this, unless it's all a tiny bit of a joke

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