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  1. YES


    the prescience of "You should get cancer!" in relation to famous people's @ replies on twitter is perfect.


    the idolization of a talk show host comedian in the era of Johnny, encapsulating what the comedy nerd of the day was obsessed with.


    for Scorsese making a formally restrained movie without even one huge tracking shot that lasts more than 180 seconds


    for Scorsese literally SHOWING US the head of Pupkin rather than explaining through action


    i really loved this movie and it leapfrogged over Raging Bull, After Hours, Wolf of Wall Street etc to pop into my #4 slot for Scorsese films.

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  2. I have natural bias towards episodes with guests that I love (Paul Rust is one of the funniest dudes ever, Matt Gourley was my improv teacher), but for 'regular' episodes (sans-guest) Do The Right Thing and Clerks both had a lot to offer. Personally, I'm not huge on Clerks, but letting go of my hatred for Kevin Smith (or at least attempting to) in order to see the Canonical merits of Clerks was hard, but Devin helped me out on it. Also, its an episode that the hosts talked about newer movies (Sundance had just happened?), which is always enjoyable. I know this is a podcast about classics, but I love when they discuss newer movies, just like they did in the Do The Right Thing Episode -- also DTRT prompted some really great discussion, and helped it become an instant favorite for me.



    Recent classic: PTA showdown

  3. oh man i can't wait for this week to be over. That episode of Champs was such a risky draft pick, and I don't think its paying off. I mean, Chris Rock told stories about having Bill Cosby records, and that may not have aged so well, resulting in my current tied situation.


    Can't wait to drop that shit. I'm in talks for week 3 contract with that part in Scooby Doo (2002) where CGI Scooby smacks lil Scrappy Doo across the cave and then looks right at the camera and shrugs like "what it do, i'm just a dog!"






    also HDS in Paris Texas is gonna be my secret weapon for the late-season stretch...not much of a secret now, but I guess I'm calling dibs on drafting him come playoff time. Nobody touches my harry

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  4. There is no way that a Stop Making Sense episode should be a vs, because whatever film is put against it would be going down, hard. Solo Stop Making Sense episode would be a dream, the greatest concert film ever.


    The Last Waltz vs Rust Never Sleeps?


    a Neil Young cameo in a hugely popular movie vs a fantastic gem of a concert film from Neil.

  5. There's a great A.V. Club article about how the Coens' films from No Country for Old Men on are paired with each other thematically. So, there are a few "versus" potentials.



    No Country for Old Men vs. Burn After Reading

    A Serious Man vs. True Grit

    Inside Llewyn Davis vs. Hail, Caesar!




    Personally, I love both of these films. They're excellent Coen brothers films. Inside Llewyn Davis might be up there with Fargo and Miller's Crossing, as far as their strongest works are concerned. A Serious Man may not be as exciting, but it's a damn well-made film. So, I'd be down for a versus of these two.



    i like these but i think there could be better thematic pairings


    Barton Fink v Hail, Caesar! (golden age hollywood showdown)

    Blood Simple v No Country for Old Men (2 of the best cat-and-mouse flicks of all time)

    The Big Lebowski v Fargo (crime comedies with completely opposite tone but same POV)

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