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  1. Episodic 84 Any1 else notice how Hayes protests a bit too mucho ( Shakespeare, er Anonymous reference) about fans nerding out in regards to the show? My + Bentley's mechanic did and left a Post It note in the glove box detailing her awareness. Ranran, will speedread your insta (ig) but if you could some how subtweet or link to vigo's other profiles so I could forward them to 3 bridesmaids-but-not-brides so they could get clues on how to lock down an axe shredder my sprawling like a favela style familia would be in your debt and votive candles and ice cream sandwiches would be Johnny Stormed (Michael B Jordan) in your honor. Checking my pager in line at Taco Bell while college kids discuss their improv troupe, Bo.
  2. Hey Sean, a dynamic supercut (by Thelma Schoonmaker) of Close Friends correcting you boys framed by a bottle episode structure works for me. I'm also open to a quick MTV stYLE edit of guests asking you or Hayes to "Speak On That" ( I realize it's the working title of your IFC show/ Com Center game show/ joint biography).
  3. Episode 82- Seal Team 6 and I and our kim chi taco truck chef got a big kick outta this one. Watch as Neil CasΓ© tries to name drop without consequences! Check out when Sean mentions a movie people's remember. Not only is that originated content HH has turned it into advertising. We witnessing Hayes crushes it as a bai ling ual judge. Apple watch? Even none of y'all wore it but RanRan was offered one but prolly spam foldered the evite. Avengers? A bunch of jocks beat up on a robot? Vigo, Treese, can this b? Predictions - Gmail roulette, guest demonstrates a "getting it" learning curve. Unpredictable - When the boys will having me hit rewind.
  4. Lol @ this influx of new dudes who came 2 WolfCool Central 2 talk on and on about reddit. Y'all ain't know real-photo-boy-clique member Treese is in the penalty box, Vigo has no next/new Vigo, they Popcorn Gallery is confusing without the song, u think Sean owns a TV? I thought that. Holler back when you are eating a $40 steak with an ancient knife off a paper bag/plate. Reduce, Reuse, Save The Whales.
  5. Episode 79 - The architects of modern Hollywood let us in on the latest model of franchise development where YA novels and 40 year old popular comic book series are kaput and drawing actor's faces onto car windows is obvi the way to go. I was drinking a cold pressed coffee and admiring how my new suit looked thrown on the floor and being worn by four or five cats as I listened to the second section of the show. Cold press coffee is not iced coffee, DIY. Mary breaks down the the new total transparency approach to being a young actor and the echoes of her hates lies policy gets both Sean and Hayes pretty riled up. Sean do lets slip the pet name "Pizza Box". Hayes acknowledges he known all the rules to YugiOh The Gathering but it's on that between the lines nerd loser dweebie monster truck guy. I love it when Sean ref Philip Roth because I know what podcast chat beween old guard/young guard yuppie authors he enjoyed as much as my godma's new girlfriend did.
  6. First time it felt like LL was actually the guest. Not a complaint. This isn't the complaint department. I feel like Ronna of Ronna and Bev knows more about current NBA players than all involved but I like the inside scoop on how Gooch gets those scoops; it was some Metal Gear type crouching and hanging. Haven't given this ep this usual second listen/cold case examination but the energy of Special Guest is so great for a Friday show and pretty undefined at present that I'm letting the NBA NPR crew's scholarly take on hoop sound effects carry me thru to the weekend.
  7. Prolly rate this episode 77 out 78. 1 above the Jason Nash episode. I could tell Sean Clements and Dominic Dierkes wrote this week's Workofholics about two minutes in.
  8. Spoiler alert--- ery body listened to next week episode already or something. Episode Scuzzman, it shoulda been a perfect crime: a charismatic beach bum with a vague back story charms and drugs his way past assistant and sound dude into the inner chamber of the citadel of power to gets his quasi autobiographical script transmogrified (Spaceman Spiff) into sweet doseph and back end points and maybe an overall deal granted by the powers vested in Sean Clements. Our lone hero seems like the perfect boy for the ruse, i.e., he has a catchphrase and his producing partner is in outer space with a R&B singer. Sean seem intrigued by the poor grasp the duo hold on the screenwriting medium and their collective bullying keep him occupied But wait, the Scuzzman reduces women to Maxim magazine stats and actually should have done his research on Sean's cultural awareness. No dice, Beach Guru! And was this all a a self esteem booster from a true abusive relationship addict assistant Dom? Gotta go, a pack of my sons (ages 12, 12, and 12) have thawed out a butler cryogenically frozen since 1809 and he is trying to whoop them proper. I was saving him for XMas.
  9. Hayes was/is in South Africa. Listen to Agata's podcast.
  10. Wow, Sunday night. Tough time for a real HH fan. I know a new episode is on the books but gotta wait for the Earwolf schedule to align with my tastes. I listened to this Ep 76 thru earbuds on a stool in the kitchen of a restaurant that doesn't take reservations. As I sampled curries that raise the human body temperature to obscene levels and peeked thru the pothole windows of them swinging doors at the Instagram documented wait lines I had chance to marvelat how noble Sean and Hayes are to let us in on how their autobiographical\multiplatform (click to buy the dress, tweet to focus Deniiss Leary rant) miniseries becomes Birdman. The guest section was questionable. Letting a pop culture critic geek out in the presence of Hayes is cool but give me Pauly Shore grappling with the present any day. Props to flipping the gender norm tho, and Cammy Diaz plays the baddy in more filmstrip than John Malkovich.
  11. Hey RanRan, Sorry to drop your name in a post and contribute to an atmosphere where a sub human cretin basic dude thinks he can say some gross sh;+.
  12. Hey y'all, Was busy short shucking corn all day cause lost a bet with an oil painting of my great great grandma. Her cold, icey visage will follow u around the veranda and guide your family's progress in America. Any1 known what show Hayes is currently working on? Valerie BryÀñt, got a list of top five FPS games? In the model UN that iz forum I consider you The USA, ie, your silence this week is deafening and unforgettable to us. I call dibs on representative of St. Barts or that one time Chë got to address. All assembled please freely dib your nation states. Ran Ran, more updates please. Also, your one twiiter critic's arms are tooo short 2 box with Ran Ran. Gjve 'Greggy' ol boys info and kick back. Let them eat vegan cupcakes, BoScout
  13. Viggo Sia, Who had the short story prompt from a few forums ago? Was that a one time only quiz? We need guidance and supervision.
  14. Dear Chandler Boonaroo Music Festival , Thanks, mane. U seem like a statistics nerd like the rest of us so please help me settle a tiff with my aunt's new broseph style bf : should wine be measured by the glass or by bottle. Keep posting up, Shaq Bo.
  15. 75 ep Loved this epi. It was like a Tony Scott picture. I had the repo men who were taking ownership of my neighbor's old gross Porsches lend a hand in rearranging the rock stacks in the garden maze at the house on the bluff and those roughnecks had a real laugh bout how Memento is actually dumb and is not smart. They said Insomnia has a dvd feature that lets you watch the film in order that the scenes were shot. We ate raw tomatillos and laughed. What is DVDs? Favstar moments - ( Would cast Fassbender as both boys) Clements, S say "like my skateboard" letting his youth permeate all aspects of the talk in how Jaskon Lee do his Mumford work. He is blonde and does a very technical skate board trick that only TRU rascals know how. Young complex judge ripped from the next Grisham novel that men read on Amtrak benches H Davenport guides the proceedings with a "You should stay on the theme…". He is blonde and looks off into the invisible distant. Shelby hits us up with a quick scoop on how quirky nerdy show runners welcome the new young lady to the staff. He played a 'tuff gong' centric teen on XFiles show about aliens everybody. Shelby seems less bout it bout it regarding the youth vote.