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    You sticking with that username ? Are you sure ? We're all here to help you pick a new one and support you during the transition. Wouldn't you like a cool individual name for when you end up on a board game ? Just a thought anyway. It's not too late is all I'm saying.


    I think it's pretty good the way it is. Replacing "and" with "n" is a cool, creative twist for me. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to hear a crazy name like that read aloud for the pro version?

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  2. I like how your picture is a funnier version of a Simpsons character. That show is already so funny! You're doing a good job.


    Well listen I'm part of a gen that's kinda ironic and "over it" so even things that are funny that I like are just a big dumb joke to me. Also I drew it myself and made this animation which is like Simpson show but super fucked up and edgy/cool.



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