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  1. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 153 - Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend

    i tried listening to this after hearing the Cranberries song "Dreams" (1992) and found that I could not understand what was going on. My irony level was off so I was loving the classic feel of the ep. Then, I got tremendously ill and stopped sleeping, gave it another chance, and now I'm appropriately "loving" the "classic feel" of the ep
  2. Ensendada Slim

    Allen Gregory

    Beginner (naive, stupid): "The Pro version...I'd like to receive the pro version" Intermediate (knowledgeable, wary): "The pro version...sometimes I don't think they care about it. Maybe they never did" Advanced (wise): "The Pro version"
  3. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    The board game reminds me of a game my friend and I made in 9th grade, "Die in a Fire". It was a circular board with six spaces, and if you landed on a space with a picture of flames on it, you'd draw a flame card. Every space had a picture of flames on it. Every card said "sorry, you died in the fire" except one that said "You see an open door ahead of you through the smoke. Maybe you can make it if you run...roll again"
  4. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    Spreading the word on this here 'cast and hopin' in a few years, it'll still be here and Nikki's uh cat recovers at the plet hospital
  5. Ensendada Slim

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    Hate to break it to you guys, but i'm here because a wittle buwwdy told me that a secret forum existed. Fucked but true, one a' you is a snitch
  6. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 134 - Far East Movement, Our Favorite Band

    This one was an embarrassment of riches
  7. Ensendada Slim

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    I think they take the baby out and put the guilt in
  8. Ensendada Slim

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    Word on the street (Scott Aukerman's episode of Wolf Pop) is that Hollywood Handbook has tripled their numbers of listeners Edit: I want to characterize their numbers as stupid. They are doing stupid numbers. Silly shit
  9. Ensendada Slim

    EPISODE 133 — Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

    Even though they didn't explicitly call for it, had to go for my scoop troop notebook and scrawl "always write in a ski mask"
  10. Ensendada Slim

    EPISODE 132 — Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    Really hoping some creative souls stitch the songs together on soundcloud...I want to hear Brett introduce the song and be told to get out and to suck on these and how apples and peanut butter aren't dessert in one continuous verse
  11. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Sharpling was featured on the AV Club tearing Billy Crystal apart http://www.avclub.com/article/tom-scharpling-destroys-billy-crystals-cluelessly--235787 They say once a tiger tastes blood it becomes a maneater and will eat all men until it itself is eaten
  12. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    She had a wall shoe and a tall 'do Marge hair, no care chica come thru (killa!) In bed I egg beat her (what else) cool off teaser freezer im the mini movie man and im pleased to meet ya (whats poppin)
  13. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    really contemptible that these cretins took something as good and as nice and as smart as a Hollywood Handbook guest spot and turned it into their own vile soapbox to criticize Phish. "If I were you" Jake and Amir, I'd get my "headgum" cleared out before my next appearance
  14. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 830 - Ballet Cultural Appropriation

    Lol @ the idea that blues is "undergoing" cultural appropriation. The entire birth of rock n roll was that...it already has been. Also, you bring up the point that ballet can't be appropriated because it's "white" culture and because it's obvious where it came from, but both of those points should have been deconstructed especially when you're talking about Cuba
  15. Ensendada Slim

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    sometimes its important to never actually deliver the joke, but have it perpetually waiting to be born