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    Guest suggestions

    Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer
  2. Space Aquarium by Kate and Katy
  3. Oh yeah, the whole whiplash episode was great!
  4. 1. 155 book club (20:30) 2. 173 head in a jar (10:10) 3. 147 ponies (45:17) 4. 187 dumbo bullies/also the next part about the little mermaid (57:02) 5. 171 dentist (8:32) Those are my faves! Great job!
  5. KateRhoades

    EPISODE 193 — Into the Thunderdome

    Well, I had a fun time! I love all you people, even if you have different views than I do, and I love i4h.
  6. This episode was very inspirational to me.
  7. You were surprisingly polite, and it was nice to hear from you even if I don't agree with some of the things you said. Also, Andy Daly is RAD, and we will always agree on that.
  8. KateRhoades

    i4h tv pilot

    Crap on YouTube: Ep 82 (38:12), Ep 42 (28:33), Ep 128 (43:19), Ep 170 (29:33) What's Bothering You: Ep 173 (54:30)
  9. That's really all we're talking about, this one guy? He brought up Seinfeld not playing colleges because kids are too PC, "Apology Culture", racism, etc. We're just talking about the Sun Kil Moon guy? Wouldn't you rather be able to close a bigger case?
  10. I'm calling in, and I agree with most of the things you've said on this forum. I just wanted to talk more about "political correctness" and censorship in a more general way rather than just about this one specific musician... I'd be happy to take any tips, though, either way.
  11. Hey, everybody, I'm calling to the show on weds- I wanted to mostly say that writing a think piece about a musician saying something misogynist isn't the same as censorship. I'm sad a couple of you can't call in because I think you might do a better job than me... help me out!
  12. KateRhoades

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    I thought this would be a good one for the robot woman that narrates the show to enjoy.