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    I don't even own a TV.
  1. It was a really bad decision to flood every single episode of an Earwolf podcast with a commercial for S2 of TADPPP. It's definitely poisoned my affection for Andy Daly, and lost me as a listener, even though I liked S1.
  2. I dunno, I think if he wanted to do something like this, it would have been a long time ago. He's brilliant anyway, I don't see him as someone needing an extra boost. If you've never had a bad trip on MDMA, you've only done it a handful of times. It's inevitable. You can delay it by taking it with really long breaks, but it's coming for you, sooner or later.
  3. I really wanna read some guesses about who takes ecstasy on TV. I wonder if it happened on @midnight or one of the network late night talk shows.
  4. Wow, that Napster cat stuff was so rando! I wish I could come up with something like that, but I'm just not wired for it...
  5. I can't wait for more Wolfcool network podcasts! Talking Turkey was pretty cool, except for all the ghost stuff, that made me think of creepy skellingtons.
  6. I'm both underwhelmed and overwhelmed that my travoltified name is Oskar.
  7. I really miss Owen & TJ Read the News.
  8. My D was never around when I was growing up, that really messed me up.
  9. ^ I really appreciate that you like your own posts. So many people try to make modesty seem like a positive, when we all know that's usually a self-loathing thing.
  10. I don't believe in making strangers sob uncontrollably at how inferior they are, so I'll choose option no 2. There's still big D in there, but it's covered with fur.
  11. Yeah, it's been a while... By the way, whose dick do I have to suck around here to win the pro version?