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  1. Lord Shitqueef

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    I think they might appreciate the mature content a little too much. In a boning out kinda way.
  2. Lord Shitqueef

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Great ep! I hope Sean never runs out of ways to bring up Rannazzisi. That Maria Menayno charac was delightful. It sucks that bussdriver Hayes didn't answer his phone, though I suppose it's best to obey the owl's noise ordinances. I wish all of you that were burnt so hard to get well soon, ya bishes.
  3. Lord Shitqueef

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Looks like it's time for the return of old Wheez. That last thread was a mess. I know because I just read through all of it. I'm going to have to get back to checking in multiple times per hour. I'm excited for the new ep and for the new thread. 420, 69, 710, 80085, etc.
  4. Lord Shitqueef

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    That was incredible. It had everything except Hayes in person. I hope he got that whole message.
  5. Lord Shitqueef

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    Sean! Sean with a tan and a bigger beard than usual!
  6. Just relistened to RSS #20, "Filipino Gollum." Really great ep. That Han-Luc Picard was very funny. Earlier today, I relistened to last week's episode, and it was hilarious, however many of the bits hit pretty close to home and caused me to think about my lifestyle. The forums are getting hard to keep up with these days. I'm going to have to try harder next ep.
  7. http://m.homedepot.com/p/Lincoln-Electric-Inferno-Propane-Torch-Kit-KH825-01/100341111
  8. Damn! What are you going to do about that, Jackal?
  9. I think ThugQueen69 is a good, strong name for a boy.
  10. You gotta eat everything... Even the DICK
  11. My dad is a Browns fan, so there won't be football on in our house until next season, thankfully.
  12. I did both coarse salt and cinnamon'n'sugar. I don't think any other scents or identities exist. Edit: I'm confident that no other scents or identities exist. Ladies?
  13. But what if I have nothing to be confident about, Ronnie Hog? I'm nothing but a pile of dirty t-shirts and some 69 shaped pretzels.
  14. sup? Edit: is that how that works?
  15. Yeah, I too just started watching Happy Endings on Hulu.
  16. jeez, when is the sports talk going to end? I thought that I might be free of it with football being over. [i'm still doing the "no sports talk" thing, right? I'd like for that to continue.]
  17. I think that some of the parts of my body are scared of Dairy Pillows. Scared stiff, even. Too scary
  18. I'm very worried that we won't get a new ep this week. If the boys don't have any new content, can they just release some recordings from the archives of The Professor and The Coyote? I'm OK with dated content as long as it's from Hayes and Sean.
  19. I get depressed around new year's too, soup. I'm glad we have this place.
  20. Help! is a truly great album, but I'm really into psychedelia and fuzz guitar, so Revolver really juices my bone.
  21. That is an absolutely absurd statement. The Kinks have a handful of good songs strewn throughout way too many albums. The Beatles cranked out album after album of classics. Also, Revolver is the best Beatles album and those cookies look tasty.
  22. My knowledge of cocaine is lacking but that's OK because I know that #710