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  1. I don't think crack-cocaine can be considered a downer
  2. I saw star wars: tfa again this afternoon. It holds up to the passage of time pretty well. I recommend seeing it again if you haven't yet. I think seeing star wars again may have made this my most enjoyable new year's eve ever.
  3. You're right, I gotta hire some better writers
  4. Scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not likely that the known universe is actually a simulation, but what if Cody got in the wires during their experiments to cover up the truth, and he is the architect of our reality?
  5. Now that's what I call a t-shirt vol. 3!
  6. I am totally convinced that Cody-boy killed the radio star.
  7. I'm excited for Pee-wee's Big Holiday written by Paul Reubens and Paul Rust.
  8. NO! BAD! *smacks boy genie on the nose with a rolled up newspaper *
  9. This is real bad, guys. Not only do we not get an ep today, but Lemmy died yesterday. I think we should all raise our mic stands as high as they will go, eat a bunch of speed, and drink a fifth of Jack in honor of Lemmy. RIP
  10. Jeffrey, What was it that you tried to use as your avatar, and why did you fail so hard? Thanks, Wheez
  11. I'm watching the star wars holiday special. It's just as bad as I've always heard it was. I can't wait to hear what Gourley has to say about it on HDTGM. Merry Christmas
  12. SteveH is a ggg-ghooost!? *hovers in mid-air while legs spin around and then zips off in a cloud of dust*
  13. If it ain't a Hayzie Bone, and it ain't a Clem Dawg, then it ain't shit.
  14. Looks like Christmas came early for Ol' Wheez Thank you so much, Silvr Claus! I wasn't expecting much in the ways of gifts this Christmas since I'm becoming an old man and I've got a couple little nephews, so this was a delightful surprise. I promise to keep it nearby as I embark upon another relisten so I can take diligent notes, like a good little scoop trooper. Merry Happy, everyone!
  15. I want to see the hair follicles of a wicked man
  16. Good call. That was too many characters, so I had to tighten it. Thanks for the punch-up, friend.
  17. Congrats, Silvr! welcome to the club
  18. Knicks milkshake batting helmet, basketball glove, Sweet Lou... I'm actually ok with this sports talk. Edit: ~52:00 sports are the worst
  19. Mmm... this is my medicine
  20. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    Silvr, you used that Purell? That was Cody's, for drinking.
  21. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    I'm going to have to cut my head off and send it to a lab.
  22. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

  23. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    Just got back from Star Wars. So friggin good you guys. I can't wait to see it again and again.
  24. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    I recently listened to the Sinbad episode with my mom on a car ride with her to my sister's house and she laughed at quite a few bits, but she said that she didn't like it. I didn't like HH until I had listened to a few and then heard CBB ep 351. My mom and I listen to Harmontown together. Is there hope for her? I don't know where I'm going with this, because I just listened to the High and Mighty power hour ep and played along. I'm in a shambles because of the lack of Hayes and Sean.