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  1. ArielleSpry

    Earth Girls are Easy (1988)

    This movie is amazing. I love it, you will love it, and it totally belongs on this podcast!
  2. ArielleSpry

    Taken 3

    YES YES YES, The fast and furious-ification of this series would be magical!
  3. ArielleSpry

    Quick Change

    Yeah, it sounds pretty wonderful, I'm surprised its being listed in this context.
  4. Every single thing I hear about the book is totally bananas and everything I hear from people who worked on the movie makes it sound like it's going to be such an awful movie. It is going to be one of the worst successful movies this year at least, I think it would be so perfect for a HDTGM episode!
  5. ArielleSpry

    What guest do you want to see?

    Has Kevin Hart been on the show yet? I feel like he would be fun.
  6. ArielleSpry

    Quick Change

    That movie sounds amazing!
  7. ArielleSpry

    Grease 2 (1982)

    The reproduction song became a running gag between me and my friends when we were in grade 9 and we stumbled upon this glorious glorious sequel
  8. ArielleSpry

    Day of the Dead (2008)

    Bad CGI blood, and a scene where a tattoo floats down a stream. I love zombie movies but this one is horrible
  9. ArielleSpry

    Taken 3

    Omg.. The newest taken movie only has %10 on rotten tomatoes. I haven't seen any if the Taken films yet but I think that based on all the craziness I've heard about this one, plus it's rotten tomatoes score, omg it just would be so great. Have there been any Liam neeson movies on HDTGM yet? I feel like he must have been in something bonkers enough for this show
  10. I was thinking earlier about what a Michael Bay, live action reboot of Ducktales would look like, and I thought it might be fun to talk about ridiculous remakes and reboots that would definitely belong on HDTGM if they actually got made.
  11. ArielleSpry

    The Reaping (2007)

    The Reaping http://imdb.com/rg/an_share/title/title/tt0444682/ I love horror movies, even loveably terrible horror movies and even I just hated this movie. Its been a while since I've seen it so I don't remember why anymore but this movie is not good!