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  1. CraigHowe

    No 2018 Halloween Special?

    No Suicide House, no Creepies, not even a 2018 Monster Fuck? Apologies if this was covered somewhere else but I am bummed!
  2. CraigHowe

    We will miss you Harris

    That's a good point.
  3. CraigHowe

    We will miss you Harris

    Man, it really warmed my heart to check in on this thread again and see that so many people felt the same way I did, and had such great thoughts and stories and things to share with everyone. I have a friend or two who is hip to this whole Earwolf world but most of them are not and so it's tough to explain to the majority of my buddies why I am so upset that the executive producer of a funny tv show is dead. Thanks guys.
  4. You're listening to Napsody in Blue by Snorge Gerswhin
  5. CraigHowe

    We will miss you Harris

    I am going to genuinely miss him so much and I've never met him. I feel like after listening to so many hours and hours of him talking that I really got to know him, sort of, you know? He never had to be mean or put people down to be funny, had so much heart, and every time he popped up on CBB or a new episode of Analyze Phish came out or whatever it would make my day so SO much better.
  6. CraigHowe

    We will miss you Harris

    Very sad, few people have made me laugh and feel happy the way that Harris has. Thanks for being my tour guide through the cosmos.
  7. CraigHowe

    EPISODE 333 — Pit Stop

    I wonder if Scott felt weird when Jack talked about how he doesn't think it's ok to be dating people who are way younger than you are.