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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Everything I wanted to say has already been said beautifully somewhere within this thread. I didn't realize until thursday night how closely I feel to the podcasting community in general, and the Earwolf network specifically. I'm very glad that I have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall to so many hilarious musings and characters. I'm really glad this episode was released, and I hope Scott NEVER stops making CB!B!: the podcast. It is such a strange thing to feel the pain of mourning for a person I have never met, but that's the only way I can describe what's going on within me right now. Seeing the way people like Aziz, Silverman, Poehler, Besser, Peretti and PFT [among others] describe their memories and feelings confirms that the world truly lost a hard working, wonderful person and a young, comedy giant. The phone call from Heaven nearly destroyed me, but somehow was still absolutely delightful to hear. Thanks for everything Harris; I hope that everyone affected by your far-too-soon passing heals quickly and can alchemize the pain and tears back into joy and laughter very soon. All love.
  2. What's up hot dogs? Is this how catchphrase submission works?
  3. I love Improv4Humans and have listened every episode at least once, and many repeated listens. I never read the forums though, and I came here expecting to see everyone's reaction to how absolutely terrible this was. When I saw the lineup this morning I was completely thrilled! Besser kind of fucking with Armen was pretty fun for a little bit. But I was wondering why he would have someone on that he didn't trust enough to do improv with, and allegedly had done either no improv, or maybe just 101. This isn't the sort of show to invite amateurs. I felt bad for Armen at first, then I started hating him for wasting the talents of the improvisers on what was supposed to be one of the greatest shows ever. I mean they only got a couple of actual scenes in and the rest was just bullshit. How could this dude I'd never heard of usurp Neil Campbell?! Anyway, I came here and people were saying how much they loved the episode. I questioned if I even knew what comedy was because to me that had been a giant slap in the face to all I4H listeners. For the first time in the history of the podcast I felt like they'd actively wasted my time. So I read through the forums and when I came to the post above explaining that the title was actually a reference. I replayed it quickly in my head and laughed the biggest and most cathartic laugh I've had in a long, long time. I then googled Armen and found the UCB Master Classes and was very glad I did. I joined the forums specifically to ask you all what the hell you saw in this shit episode, but now I'm right there with you. That was brilliant!