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  1. One more time. Just us for $5 Tuesday at the Regal Branford Stadium 12 at 7:25pm.

  2. Too awesome not to share.

  3. Wow. On the edge on my seat. Beautifully done.

  4. Julayne, Brenda, Gail and Perri I found this in a internet hole.https://youtu.be/tCI2XP4kcSo

  5. WOW. I think I liked it? DO NOT see this movie if you are sensitive to anything. ANYTHING! That line will be crossed. Many times.

  6. Mark Sheehan I tied with you. On the game show host quiz.

  7. MOVIE NIGHT!The Movie-A-Week Challenge moves back to Tuesday night.\ with The Night Before. Could be good, could be bad. Every possible joke may have been in the trailer. (A Jewish entertainer? Now I heard everything.)7:50pm @ Regal Branford Stadium 12Join us!