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    RIP Professor Blastoff

    Actually, David just posted this to twitter. So either David and Kyle are going to start their own separate podcasts or David and Kyle will continue on together. The former seems more likely to me. David's fuse with Kyle has been growing seemingly shorter for a while now. As has Kyle's with David when David refuses to give 110% to Christ High.
  2. Coolgo

    RIP Professor Blastoff

    The writing was on the wall. That said, someone posted a screen cap of this from the "Blastronauts" group on Facebook. If a Kyle Dunnigan podcast rises from the ashes of PBO then that'll sweeten the bitter.
  3. I want to see a complete list of the 22 D's. I think not knowing them is what's been holding me back.
  4. Having lived in LA briefly, I was 100% behind David's 8 reasons to hate it.
  5. Coolgo

    EPISODE 204 — Nannying

    Yeah, it was out of control. Also the massive variance in voice volume got pretty annoying. I noticed the same sub par sound with the Pickup Artist episode, but that one had so many other glaring issues that the sound problems took a back seat. Interestingly, both this episode and the Pickup Artist don't have any photos from the recording session, so I'm wondering if they weren't recorded at Earwolf Studios.
  6. Coolgo

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Is this the most maligned guest in PB history?
  7. Coolgo

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Can we all agree the Kyle's commercial about people being human diarrhea for not buying his tickets is hilarious?
  8. Coolgo

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Yeah, I found myself cringing uncontrollably after his little story about the girl in the nail salon, claiming he showed balls (to which Tig thankfully replied "Boooo"), and then chalked up not having a picture of her to her having a host of mental issues. First one I've ever had to turn off.