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  1. To respond to the OP, I do this kind of thing all the time. The first half of my life was spent rabidly consuming films in England/Wales; the second half was spent in the southern States (still rabidly consuming films). I learned a lot. Many of my understandings of films and the USA as a whole were altered. A big one was frat parties. I didn't think frat parties were really as epic and raucous as they pretended in the movies. Then I attended one...

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    Ok, the rest of these were fun but as an American I have to say go fuck yourself. We're dumb but not that dumb.


    The movie industry thinks you are, though. I remember finding a copy of Millions (Danny Boyle) in Blockbuster soon after moving to the States. Apparently y'all would be so confused about those weird pieces of paper with the old lady on them in a film called Millions, they had to throw some dollars in the mix. This was also presumably designed to trick those Americans who staunchly refuse to consume foreign films, kinda like when trailers for non-English speaking films have zero dialogue and lots of whacky hijinx.



  3. Well shit. I tried to watch Jupiter Ascending a week or so ago and couldn't make it past 30 minutes. I watch a lot of shitty films, and have a boner for Channing Tatum, and this one beat me. I turned to my husband and said, "I don't think I can watch this." I was honestly on the verge of a panic attack.


    If it's from amazon they will take it back no questions asked. They are very good on returns. sometimes they just credit you and tell you not to waste your time returning it. ;)


    Like the lifetime books collection. that's a movie your going to treasure for years to come.

    and it makes a great gift.


    I think all of this happened for a reason. I'm keeping it. It is a gift to myself, to my future grandchildren.

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