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    I try to be measured in any criticism of CBB because who am I to judge it? However, I think it was Tom Green's need to always make himself the center of attention at all costs.


    After the dog stuff started, it sounds like even the other two guests were getting fed up with his need to talk about his stuff. At around 1:15, Erin tries to get back to the characters by saying, "If I could just float an idea-" and Tom interrupts. Very quietly as Tom is talking over her, you can hear her say, "-or not."


    I'd love to hear a, "you know, uh" count as well.

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  2. I decided to use Hot Saucerman's promo code on bonobos because I got a promotion that requires nice chinos at work. At the end of it, there was a survey to determine how I heard about the company including an 'other comment' section about the source.


    Hopefully the company gets together with CBB/Earwolf at the end of the ad run to review the CBB bump. And just as they're about to renew and continue supporting my Monday fix:


    "Scott, your fans are fucking weird."