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  1. McSmashington

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    It's a sad day to see this podcast end. These three comedians (with one haircut) have provided some of the funniest and touching moments in podcast history. It's been a privilege to listen to you share your lives with us blastronauts all these years. Thanks.
  2. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    I should clarify... "Freddy" is Freddie Prinze Jr. and "Jason" is Jason Alexander. Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees vs. a Sharknado would be far too entertaining.
  3. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    Sharknado 7: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Sharknado, In Space.
  4. McSmashington

    Episode 93 — Patrick Walsh, Our Close Friend

    Enigineer Cody slacking off? Well I wish I could say I'm surprised, but it's to be expected now isn't it? Hayes & Sean must possess the patience of saints to put up with his shenanigans. Bababooey.
  5. McSmashington

    EPISODE 17 - Science Fair

    *clink* Also replying so I can see that photo twice.
  6. This show is always great, but bloody hell this was outstanding! Also, Lauren Lapkus + Matt Besser = Butt stuff. Every. Single. Time.
  7. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    I really like Paul's answers in these minisodes, especially when they get really dark or gross. I did find the phrase "if I have to dismantle my wife" hard to hear without being upset. I'd be lying if I said I was excited to see sharknado 3 but I know the episode will be great.
  8. McSmashington

    EPISODE 196 — LIVE FROM DCM 17 PT. 3

    That's one heck of a lineup.
  9. McSmashington

    Episode 1623 - Scott Aukerman

    Looking foward to some U2 talk in this one.
  10. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    100 Bullets would be perfect as an HBO series. I don't know where Vertigo comics fall under DC anymore, I'm sure there is some kind of complicated rights deal in place for TV and movie adaptions. In a perfect world I'd like to see Quentin Tarantino start the series off, like Martin Scorsese did with Boardwalk Empire, to set the tone. Ah well a man can dream.
  11. McSmashington

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    Really like the graphics on Hey Nong Man! "Talkin' 'Tang" has gotta be next, surely.
  12. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    I think the idea behind a villain-centric movie is great, but Suicide Squad looks like a hot mess to me. The costumes alone are probably enough for me not to see it and I can't find anything in that trailer that looks visually interesting. Do we really need to see Killer Croc on the big sceen? As an Australian, I am happy to see an Aussie cast as an Australian character (even though it's Jai Courtney). Margot Robbie seems like a good choice for Harley, but it looks like they're going all out on the goth cheerleader vibe from the Arkham games, doesn't look like she will be too much fun, which is a shame. Deadshot's story looks like it might be "The Pursuit of Happiness" with guns. Thats a real bummer. Also, why go straight back to the Joker well? Batman has a pretty deep rouges gallery, we haven't seen Mr. Freeze since Arnie had pun tourette's in Batman & Robin. It would be interesting seeing him fight other villains. Poison Ivy and Harley have an interesting dynamic in alot of comics as well.
  13. Almost 2 much U2 talk 4 an episode of U talking U2 2 me. Almost.
  14. It's happening!!! Best intro ever!
  15. McSmashington

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    My dad is a teacher, but he's way into fitness and people think he's a army man. That's some legit info.
  16. McSmashington

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    "Roman-Tig comedy..." "I'm leaving" So great hearing a happy healthy Tig. Dead on Kate Micucci impression as well.
  17. Falcon McConville. Thats a strong, character building name right there.
  18. McSmashington

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Pretty cool and nice of hosts to invite fans onto their show.
  19. They knock it out of the park every episode. Great show.
  20. Jeremy, Jeremy. Wherefore art thou Jeremy? So excited to listen to this.
  21. McSmashington

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    Tig! I could listen to Tig and Steph all the live long day.
  22. McSmashington

    Episode 1621 - Anthony Rapp

    I just listened to the Paul Scheer episode where they talked about how shitty Twister is. Very funny to hear a person from the movie shit on it as well.
  23. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Now that I get a better look at Lois, I can tell that arm could easily accommodate a fleshlight attachment. We have to assume Tom Selleck fucks this robot right? By the way Kirstie Alley looked great in this movie.
  24. McSmashington

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    I don't think it was intentionally written this way, but for my mind, that reporter is the pure manifestation of evil. She is a much better villain than Gene Simmons.