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  1. I ask my fellow #SharknadoNo-ers is Theodore Rex more or less watchable than Sharknado 3?

    I was firmly on the #SharkNAYdo bandwagon and I gotta say Theodore Rex is one of the most unwatchable movies I've ever seen. More specifically it's horrible to listen to. Teddy Rex is speaking in this horrible sighing/mumbling bullshit that made me unreasonably angry.


    Although i did like watching Whoopi in this because it's very easy to see how much she hated being there.

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    Oh, thank God! Another excuse to post this...



    This might have been covered before, but is that an unconscious dog being thrown into water? If so, that is the single most upsetting thing in a movie about racially motivated acts of domestic terrorism.


    There is no fucking way this is a kids movie right?

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