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  1. I know this is late but I want to address Ian Roberts' theory about the internet (55 minutes in) that the internet is a good thing except when it comes to certain groups of people (eg. pedophiles). (Incidentally, he said almost the exact same thing the last time he was on the show, which may be why Thedge had deja vu). What he isn't taking into account is that pedophiles aren't bad people by default. In fact some are children themselves, who are just coming into their sexuality and are confused, and all that mainstream society has to say about them is that they are evil. The only place that they can find any hope of acceptance is on the internet, where there are many resources for pedophiles, and many of those resources aim to prevent child abuse, not encourage it. Without the internet, these people would end up feeling all alone in a world that essentially hates them, which could conceivably make them more likely to harm somebody. So Ian's on the right track when he talks about the internet being good for "most people", but the mistake he's making is lumping all pedophiles into a category of victimizers, when in fact they are individuals who must choose how to live their lives, and many choose to not victimize anyone, ever.