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    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    I thought this was interesting: - The Breakfast Club (1985) starring Emilio Estevez. At one point, Judd Nelson says, "Eat my shorts." Presumably this was the origin of the term in pop culture. - Maximum Overdrive (1986) starring Emilio Estevez and Yeardley Smith. Laura Harrington shouts, "Eat my shorts!" - The Simpsons starring Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright, Bart Simpson popularizes the term "Eat my shorts." It certainly has to be a coincidence but I think it's a great one.
  2. KennethArthur

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I've never been in a band and frankly, I don't even know how to play any instruments, but if I ever do start a band, I'm gonna call it "Father, What's My Consequence?" I'm forever grateful we got another hour of Harris. He told Pete Holmes on YMIW that he didn't understand why death was so "tragic" to so many people because we all die, though of course he knows that it's sad for those around you because you're gone and there won't be more laughs. The stories told by people like Aziz, voicemails to Lance Bangs, and episodes like this, mean that even after his death, we are still getting a few more new laughs (Pontius Tonight .... I can't stop laughing every time I think about it) and much like with Mitch Hedberg, we will re-enjoy, and re-tell his funniest moments for decades to come. Maybe even another 12 centuries. Bye Harris. We love you.
  3. KennethArthur

    Thank You Harris

    I don't think Harris would want us to stop laughing about the "overt drug stuff" Listen to his appearance on You Made It Weird in November of last year. He understands that death is a part of life and while he said he was going to try very hard to stay clean and not die, he also wouldn't have been the type to find his death "Tragic." It sucks that he died, and it sucks that he had a drug addiction, but the last thing he would want is for people to stop laughing at the things he said when he was alive about drugs. Or anything for that matter! That would probably be more tragic to Harris; if you stopped laughing at what was once funny.