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  1. My disappointment that this wasn't a Victor & Tiny episode dissolved pretty quickly once it got going. Brendon Small and LL are a great team! I still have high hopes for a future Victor & Tiny appearance. Also a conspiracy podcast starring a certain former governor would be a dream come true...

    This episode was awesome.

    I also hope for a repeat with him as V & T. The absolute best would be to hear Victor doing a podcast about Dune, based on his love for the film. I could die happy.

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  2. Aww, poor dear :*-(


    My point wasn't that I don't like people expressing their opinions. I am ambivalent about this episode and Armen. My point was that there are alot of people who seem to enjoy being jerks to each other, instead of just saying their piece and leaving it at that.



    *edited to add: I enjoy arguing on the internet as much as the next guy, but I'd rather do it about something better than a totally subjective subject like whether or not some rich guy is funny.

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  3. Maybe that could be the subject of his "With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus" episode. *fingers crossed*


    If this happens, I can promise a balkan-style cover of the main theme (of Dune), heavy on the accordion. Of course, only after the episode drops, so it'll be useless.

  4. I announced at lunch that "a comedian I really liked died last week", how could that even encapsulate the sorrow I feel, that the collective we (Harris fans) feel from his death? It felt so strange, like I had been waiting to get it off my chest, why didn't any of my coworkers care? It is awkward that I feel so strongly about someone I never met.


    I know, right? I was shocked (and comforted) by how many other people felt this way. When I saw the news my stomach dropped and kept dropping.


    Also, I am an atheist and try to live my life rationally, but I still cannot make myself listen to the earwolf sting at the end, because it will mean an ending.

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  5. SO happy that this recording happened. I'm also glad to hear that sharing stories about him helped cheer you up some. Listening to all of his old episodes is helping me cope (not that any of us can possibly compare our grief to yours).

    I have been yelling one-liners from Foam Corner all weekend which, frankly, is not any different from normal.

    I loved him and I love all of you earwolfers.


    Hang in there (picture a cat hanging from a tree branch) and thank you.

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  6. Like alot of others I registered to add my voice to the chorus. Harris added so much joy to my life, and I am genuinely feeling blindsided by how much this hurts.

    There aren't many days when I don't hear his voice in my head. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the Earwolf family and his friends. Sarah Silverman's tweets are especially heartbreaking.



    Like brussel sprouts and broccolini, his fifteen minutes were up.

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