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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I cried. I laughed. Simply put. Thank you Scott, Thank you Adam, Thank you Chelsea. I needed this in many ways. I hope you're all doing well. It is so hard to go through listening to my favorite podcast knowing that this happened. It shouldn't have. "i just think motherfuckers wanna laugh"
  2. RobertTownsend

    Motherfuckers wanna laugh.

  3. RobertTownsend

    We will miss you Harris

    I was compelled to join the forums just to offer my sincere condolences to everyone involved. To Scott, all the Earwolf family, CBB and Analyze Phish crews and all the fellow fans. I've been feeling depressed about it since I heard yesterday, but I can't imagine how everyone else close to him is feeling. I have been a fan of CBB for a few years now. I always appreciated Harris' "i hate myself" kind of humor. Some of my favorite all-time Earwolf moments involve him. Foam Corner. Farts and Procreation. My second favorite is his recurring bit on U Talkin U2 to me?! when he would unveil "secret recordings" of Bono and The Edge discussing things, which would always lead to Bono and The Edge engaging in homosexual acts. God, I love his stuff on the commentary episode. My FAVORITE Moment of all time though.... http://www.earwolf.c...hollywood-bowl/ Listen from 1:20:30 - 1:23:05 Nothing has ever made me laugh more on an Earwolf podcast, other than Tim Heidecker doing Star Trek impressions. I work a very miserable job and even during my prevous jobs, Harris has been a part of making every day more bearable. Only just yesterday I was listening to all of the Farts and Procreation episodes and laughing myself dry for the umpteenth time. The joy that Harris has given me is now sadness. I feel like a star has exploded and turned into a black hole. Taking all the light with it. RIP Harris Wittels. I didn't know you, but I felt like i did, and you had a great impact on me. See you throughout the cosmos, Hairdog.