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  1. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 12 — Slowing It Down 2

    I am still trying to get to the bottom of the Todd Rundgren jizz story. I WILL NEVER REST until we get answers.
  2. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1723 - Jen Kirkman

    I adore Jen Kirkman.
  3. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1714 - Matt Walsh

    I thought the same thing.
  4. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1705 - Eliza Skinner

    She hit it out of the park. Her "what is that?" in response to Jimmy's Houston riff was an instant classic.
  5. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1712 - Wayne Federman

    I don't think that's fair to Garon. I'd love to sit in on that gig just once, though. I'm pretty mush-mouthed myself.
  6. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1708 - Jon Hamm

    I'm amazed how normal and humble he always comes across. Nice to see success happen for good guys.
  7. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1709 - Phil Rosenthal

    He's eminently likable.
  8. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 12 — Slowing It Down 2

    I've listened to this upwards of 10 times and it never gets old. Jimmy's reaction to "well, I mean, the Monster Mash was like a graveyard smash" is so delightful.
  9. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    I'm waiting for the follow up ep, "When do U2 get there, bro?"
  10. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1625 - Andy Daly

    I think we witnessed the genesis of Plantation Jimmy in Dayton, with the saga of Gerald and Maribel.
  11. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    Episode 1625 - Andy Daly

    That thing is phenomenal.
  12. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    I've listened to this ep twice now and so much stands out to me as just wonderful. It's not my favorite ep of the series, but it's so cool to hear that the band, and especially Bono, went out of their way to make a wink and nod at some of the Scotts' great bits. The fact that they brought everything but a fuckin' t-shirt for the little boys who want to big boys made me so, so happy. AND Bono drew a dick and signed it Bonobos? Outstanding. I'll never be able to look at him as a pretentious boob again. All in all, great content. C+.
  13. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    Dude, the balls are right there on the fuuuckin' t-shirt.
  14. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    HOLD ME!
  15. ChrisChristieFifthBeatle

    CBB in your dreams

    I haven't had a CBB dream but I did dream just a few weeks ago that I was sitting in on Never Not Funny. I made a joke in the dream that KILLED, but for the life of me I couldn't remember it when I woke up. Having Jimmy Pardo call me "IDIOT!" is on my bucket list, so that's probably as close as I'll get.