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  1. I love when personal friends of Jimmy come on the show. Those episodes are always the best. They had a great chemistry, and Sarah quickly became one of my favorite guests based on this appearance. I could listen to them talk about football and GH for hours, even though I know zero about either subject.
  2. Oddvar

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I only knew of Harris for maybe a year, or a little longer. But as a big podcast and comedy fan, I soon realized how funny he was. As soon as I heard about the Analyze Phish podcast I listened through all the episodes in a couple of days, even though I don't care for the band. I got pretty obsessed with his comedy, and I'm pretty sure I've listented to close to 100% of his podcast appearances. As a lot of people has mentioned about Harris is the term "humblebrag". I had known about this word for a long time without knowing where it came from. It blew my mind that a relatively unknown comedian, and a guy my age had come up with it. But the fact that humblebrag also was translated into other languages, including my own, Norwegian, shows what an impact he made. I'm tired of my heroes dying. This time was probably the first time I've lost a hero of mine that was younger than me, which makes it even sadder. I'm thankful for Earwolf for giving me all these hours of Harris Wittels. I'm gonna enjoy them as much as I'll miss him.