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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Came here to post this; somehow hadn't cried yet but when I read this? Niagara Falls, Frankie angel.
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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    First time posting, and a lot of people have said it very well already – but Scott, Brett and everyone else, thanks for this. Fan grief can be a strange and lonely feeling, so it’s nice to know that so many loved Harris and are grieving (and laughing) in the same way, and that he touched so many people – not only their dicks, but their hearts. For me, weirdly, the closest analogue is how I felt when Jeff Buckley drowned – someone whose work meant a lot to me personally, but who my real-life friends didn’t know (#Mid-90sHumblebrag). Judging from Aziz’s hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking letter, Harris was in for even bigger things in his life and career, so there’s a similar sense that we lost a great and singular talent in his prime. As a fan, the hardest part about losing an entertainer this way is that you never got to thank them personally or express to them what they meant. Harris (and Scott & co.) literally GAVE us all this stuff; I never got to give Harris a dime, or tell him how funny he was, or even send him a picture of tits. There’s also the terrible speculative feeling that if everyone that loved the person could have expressed it, and reached out, and the person could have felt and understood a fraction of the joy they brought to so many others, that things could have turned out differently; it seems like some of the folks close to Harris felt the same way. He talked so casually and confidently about drugs that I never doubted he'd beat them, and am so sorry to be proven wrong. We all sympathized with him, wish we’d known him longer, and wish above all else that we could have helped him. In that way, it does feel like losing a friend, as Scott and so many have said. All we can do now is consider ourselves lucky we were able to laugh and spend some time with him before he shuffled off this squirming coil into the cosmos (sorry). Scott, I can definitely see how you would question the purpose of all this, but I hope with this outpouring (and with Harris’s T-shirt-worthy “motherfuckers wanna laugh”) you have your answer. We’re incredibly thankful for this stuff and appreciative of your efforts – it’s an endless embarrassment of riches, it does matter, and it does make people’s lives a little brighter, their hearts a little fuller, and their dicks a little harder. Much love to you, the Earwolf community and everyone who knew and loved Harris.