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    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Talking about that kid's experiance. Not only has everyone he has ever known been killed, they were killed by a guy who looks just like his new dad!
  2. KevinMundt

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    So... Deep Blue Sea has just been added to netflix #iluminati #insidejob
  3. Has anyone suggested Donald Glover? Also rapper/comedian actor ? Maybe im wrong but i think it could be fun.
  4. KevinMundt

    Bloodsport (1988)

    I just wached bloodsport again, and it drove me to make this earwolf account for the purpose of promoting bloodsport as hdtgm worthy. While parts of the movie are quite good, a majority of it is quite rediculous. From the begining, the sceens of Frank Dux (that is the actual name of Van Damme's character) as a kid was nearly 100% ADR. Seccondly, the two reasons for him learning karate was so the sensei's son could beat him up, after the sensei caught him standing around like an idiot stareing at some sword. The fact that he is in the military (besides goofy police) has no bearing on the movie at all. He meets his main sidekick character by playing a karate fighting game, instantly becoming best friends forever. I can think of more things, but then why have a podcast. Anyway, I could be wrong but I think there is enough here for a great ep.