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  1. Godfrey Ho's cut and paste is astounding.


    I'm slightly disappointed that they didn't feature, if I remember correctly, Ninja Dragon in which Richard Harrison's footage was spread thinner than the Thin Man after he'd been doing especially well at Weight Watchers. At one point the bad guys need to send a message that they want to meet Ninja Master Gordon at a location of their choice, and the footage GH uses is to have a ninja burst into Gordon's house flipping and whirling a sword at him. In mid air the hard-pressed dubbing actor has to shout "Ninja Master Gordon, the villain of this movie wants to meet you on Friday at 2pm at the following location!" at the desperate speed they use for disclaimers at the end of radio commercials. Then Ninja Master Gordon kills him. Imagine having so many ninjas, you can afford to send them on a suicide mission to arrange a meeting instead of popping a card through the letter box?

  2. Random question: what was the podcast Paul recommended at the top of the show? It sounded like he said "Tennis" but that doesn't seem to be it...


    EDIT: Found out thanks to Reddit-it's called Tanis: http://iTunes.com/tanis


    Paul, can you please spell the names of things when they sound very close to other things? :)/>


    You might struggle to get Paul (all hail Paul!) to increase his precision when it comes to names...

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  3. Flash Gordon would be tremendous as a HDTGM podcast.


    Do films still do tie in pinball machines, or is it only older movies that have them?


    Also, is there an interest among collectors in pinball machines that have actually appeared in the movies? Like for example Maximum Overdrive?

  4. Unrelated gif just because I love Jane Krakowski...




    I'll say that this thread has changed my perspective on things. There was a guest on DLM this week that just drove me up the fucking wall, so I just turned it off and listened to a different podcast. But, like, I don't need to tweet Doug and be like, "NEVER HAVE THIS PERSON BACK OMG THEY ARE THE WORST" (not that I would have before, but this week really drove home that I should just not pay attention to things that bother me and focus on things I like instead)


    I don't get the reactions to the show. It was a rowdy show, I didn't have a problem with anyone. I didn't think it was mocking the gay aspect of the film either, more how coy it was about the gay aspect of one of the gayest bands ever

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  5. I actually had a long debate about Domino recently. I went to a Denzel Washington Marathon, and they showed Man on Fire, so we started talking about Domino since it was Tony Scott's next film, and he used a lot of the same techniques he pioneered in MoF. Apparently, I'm in a small minority of defenders of that movie (but, then again, I love Tony Scott, and this is one of the the most Scott-iest Scott movies there is)


    Also, Tony Scott was a Mackem. As is his brother. Sort of.


    Yeah, I don't remember which episode it was, but I definitely remember that and Jason's "hard no" in response.


    As to whether or not he has a celebrity crush...I guess we'll all have to set a Google alert for any celebrity slash fic published by a "Schaul Peer" starring Keira Knightly and Steve Guttenberg.


    I would totally read that

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    For some reason, that song reminded me of the "be manly tape" scene from the movie "In & Out" because I could have sworn that was the song he was dancing to, but it wasn't. It's been a while since I've seen that movie.




    I'm fairly sure Macho Man is on the soundtrack though. Maybe over the end credits or Die thigh the

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  8. He kills people, he doesn't kill people. The story has to hold up. This didn't hold up at all. This was a at retread of things done better in other films (oh look THIS flashback again. Thomas Wayne has been shot more fucking times than 50 Cent.)


    No good narrative. No good dialogue. No coherence. Dream sequence. Dream sequence. Dream sequence. Thudding clunking plot points. No one does anything that makes sense. Smashy fighty Smashy fighty. Soupy fog. Ponderous ending. Shite.