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    To quote Dan, "You seem fun."


    You've got a keen eye laddie buck; I'm more fun than a LED hula hoop on Billy Joel dubstep night.


    I just don't care for Cymbeline & his snide commentary.

  2. Mechanically, a really good game and easy to play.


    Production-wise, the worst since 1e. Released the PH by itself, had to wait for the MM. One published adventure.


    The rules are just randomly scattered around the PH and it's not clear what is rules and what is flavour text. Nice little rules boxes in the races and classes.....explicitly missing 15% of essential content.


    Actually it's pretty clear which parts of the text "is rules." Maybe work on your goddamn illiteracy you chimp.

  3. Don't like it? Don't listen jackass. It's free.


    Feel free to tune in to any of the mind-numbing twitch feeds to listen to boring people mumble and roll dice in a food-free environment.


    I hope they crush a fucking party pack of crunchy tacos just to spite you!

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