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    Dune (1984)

    Just finished watching this for the first time and agree that it would be a wonderful episode of HDTGM. I really enjoyed the book and have been working through David Lynch's work, which I think has been great. I paused a number of times to dig deeper into the production and reception of the film after getting a sinking feeling very early on that this was not going to be what I expected. i think its something I could rewatch with an audience and don't expect it to really be selected for a podcast because it seems pretty obvious the various places where things went wrong, but man, totally deserves a recommendation.
  2. LLJK

    EPISODE 104.5 — Minisode 104.5

    I wouldn't want to see it again and I guess knowing that there was a twist made the twist pretty obvious, but Safe Haven isn't bad in the way most of the HDTGM movies are. I look forward to the gang's analysis of this one.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm sorry to bump a thread from a few pages back but I have been going through the HDTGM backlog and earlier today finished No Holds Barred. I know this does not matter and is probably a very curious first post, but: Joey Lauren Adams must be clearly hiding an early uncredited appearance in this flick. Around the 22:10 minute mark she appears in green yelling "Come on, get em! Tear him apart! Get em! Rip 'em up! Do it!" This would be a few years before her first imdb credit, but I think I'm a big enough Kevin Smith fan to know that voice and profile when I hear/see it. I've been a Nerd Poker fan for a few months and have been devouring HDTGM since, but I thought it was really weird that folks were attributing the person with dwarfism in the cage to Pete Dinklage while everyone was missing this. Looking forward to this being the icebreaker getting me into these fan communities, love that Zardoz was given two episodes of of attention. It is nuts.