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  1. Mannequin 3: King Tut, "The Maleiquin"


    This idea pitched by the gang amused me at first but it wasn't until they started to talk about mannequin genitalia that I realized just how perfect it would be.


    King Tut's mummy has had a string of genital-related hijinks that would make for comedy gold. First, he is the only known mummy to have been mummified with an erect penis. Then, sometime between 1922 and 1968, that mummified penis was broken off and thought lost... then it was rediscovered buried in the debris around the coffin in 2009. There's also speculation that the mummified member might not have been his penis at all and that it may have been to cover up a rare genetic disorder that caused underdeveloped genitals. Way more than you ever needed to know? Then just know that this wacky meet-cute, living mummy, erect penis, missing penis, and finally tiny penis comedic progression really writes itself. You're welcome Hollywood.

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  2. Just want to add that "disaster" is not latin but greek (shout out to my fellow greeks, Zouks, Herc and the 12 gods!). Comes from the greek word "dysastria" (emphasis on "tri", greek spelling: δυσαστρία) which literally means bad stars. I also remember Carl Sagan mentioning this on an episode of Cosmos but unfortunately I can't remember which one...


    P.S. Solidarity to English people and all Europeans. As a european myself, I was, literally, flipping out when they didn't know what ESA stands for! :P


    Thank you so much for saving me the trouble of putting this in. I got so momentarily angry when that part of the conversation came up.


    Word up to my etymology homies-- pun intended.