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  1. what is the best episode of hollywood handbook, is it the one with brian huskey, the one with dave thomas or the one with sinbad?, i'd appreciate your feedback before i tell npr which one it is. because i'm pretty sure npr is part of big government surveillance and will use ip tracking to find out what a huge big cheese i am and they will give the episode i recommend the grand prize or whatever. cheers.

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  2. Hi guys, just wanted to say I grew a beard and some of the beard hairs was red and I was very proud and looked more aryan than usual, BUT, it seems like Hayes shaved and now I'm concerned not only about whether I should be shaving, but also why a podcast about American Dad wouldn't be called American Mom, is it too obvious or is it more like it's so obvious it's good, but not so bad it's good, and it's only actually would be good if it was being bad? Cheers.

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