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  1. kittenparty


    I downloaded approx. 10 different eps in the IOS app last night at home. Today only one of them shows in my downloads list (an ep of OMFG). I can't be 100% sure everything finished downloading, though at a glance they were complete and I have no reason to think they did not. When I'm back home tonight I'll experiment again and check the data storage to see how much space they are taking up just to ensure the downloads are being completed.
  2. Grepisode. Lately I’ve been struggling to get some of my male friends to understand how it feels on a daily basis to be a female. I get stuff explained to me that I already completely understand, I get doubted about things in which I am 100% an expert, and get patronizingly told to calm down when I get passionate about something. All that amongst friends during our Sunday gaming seshes. And the above types of complaints aside, Dani’s experiences about safety rang true for me – don’t go walking alone at night (or even during the day for that matter), don’t make eye contact with strange men, walk to your car with your keys between your fingers, don’t roll your windows down, don’t answer the front door, vary your daily routine so someone can’t memorize it and follow you. You get caught up in a cycle of fear that can make it feel hard to even leave the house if you think about it too much. I’m on a roll here, but there aren’t many places it feels safe to air these grievances because, as Dani mentioned, you get called a bitch, uptight, hysterical, crazy, and it can feel very very sad and what’s the point. Sometimes all I want is just a dude to say he is trying to understand, and maybe think twice about being condescending or patronizing. Allies are a great thing to have. I'm glad to see Cracked cover this, and I think this ep is a good thing to share, along with PFT's open letter to dudes here: http://paulftompkins...the-better-part
  3. kittenparty

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    "It's me - Bryce Dallas Howard, the man" I love Matt Gourley on CBB. One of my fav. episodes of all time is #38 Paul F Tompkins Steps in. "Is Dropsy here?" gets me every single time.
  4. kittenparty


    That seems like a pretty cool idea. Maybe 5 eps or something. That would be especially useful if you want to listen to a particular character's story arc. I like to go back and listen to a character's last appearance, especially if it's been awhile since they've been on. Usually they are pretty good at recapping a character's background if they've been on before, but it's fun to listen to the whole ep.
  5. kittenparty


    I've already happily subscribed. But I'll throw in my vote for being able to make the podcasts available offline (similar to Spotify). The main way I listen to podcasts is on my commute and during work. I am unable to listen on my work PC (most audio sites are blocked), and I am unable to stream that much data on my phone. I currently download podcasts files at home on my Wi-Fi (my Wi-Fi!) and listen on my phone or transfer to my work PC manually. I rarely listen at home (too much other content to consume), So honestly the only way I'd be able to utilize the Howl service is if I can download files and listen later. I hope this is something that will be seriously considered.
  6. kittenparty

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Super psyched! It won't play for me on my work PC, but I suspect that's because the files are hosted on Earwolf/Howl servers, and not Soundcloud like usual. Soundcloud is pretty much the only audio site not blocked here at work. (Not complaining, I'll just have to find a workaround) Can't wait to hear some of these 'sclusies!
  7. kittenparty

    EPISODE 367 — Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    So much great content in this ep. I was surprised again and again every time they would announce that it was just a bit. I mean how do they come up with this stuff??
  8. kittenparty

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    I am so excited for them! I was smiling like a fool all morning here at my desk.