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  1. AlienDingus

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    God. Bless. America. Dana and Little Button Puss
  2. ya but....... a Sean that sounds like hes on top of a train cant make me crack my shit up as hard
  3. honestly im scared of the episodes without clemdog. hes the reason i get up on tuesdays
  4. i second this motion. also having scock anchorman come back to be big bad bossman
  5. ya!... slurp it Janson!
  6. also sean has been on i4h already with the dom-er
  7. i see there are 39 comments i am the broken record yay... yay... yadda yadda yadda ive been wanting this for a very... very... berry... long time
  8. AlienDingus

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    i was thinking the same thing. on a happy note great ep great ep. thomas is still one of my favorite guests on this or any show for that matter
  9. AlienDingus

    Episode 428 - Get Donk'd

    i love Rhys so much. he could say anything and it would sound funny. such a great lineup. such a great ep. dats dope dats dope
  10. also is this mormon week at earwolf?
  11. i was literally about to say the same thing. Brett deserves a boot on the shoe wall
  12. Pauls voice continues to remind me of Jason Mantzoukas.
  13. if big chunky bubbles doesnt come back... then... idk... but i agree
  14. needed me some Horatio. nothing better than hearing him give directions.
  15. AlienDingus

    Thanks for the tour

    I flew from Utah to Seattle to see them and it was amazing to witness. i could tell they had shaken thousands of hands as it was almost the end of the tour and we had to shuffle through pretty fast and they all looked tired as hell but they were so so so nice. wish i had more time to tell them how thankful i am for the C+ content over the years. already anticipating the next tour!
  16. Werner Herzog quoting Dazed and Confused is still my favorite part. or just seeing them LIVE was my favorite part.
  17. AlienDingus

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    weirdly an amazing episode. so many things behind the scenes that nick was doing that was upsetting everyone that i want to know about. plus andy being maybe actually drunk? C+ F A B R I C E
  18. AlienDingus

    May 25 - Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre

    seeing this show live and meeting them afterwards was such a unique experience! forever yours, AlienDingus
  19. im so confused as to what this means. is there any truth in this comedy as there is truth in comedy?
  20. Remember those live video recordings of CB!B!, I4H, WC, etc.? my dream would be to have some of Hollywood Handbook. Especially to see them crack their whole shit up. Lets start this petition.
  21. I love when this forum has almost absolutely nothing to do with show.
  22. Was Todd Glass in the audience?
  23. AlienDingus

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    every week i wonder if they are going to add anything to the closing up the plug bag theme. i guess it will never be a good song
  24. AlienDingus

    Live VPN Recording of Hollywood Handbook

    they should just have doug benson be on and have a getting doug with high cross over and then they would get views.
  25. AlienDingus

    EPISODE 132 — Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    Im super excited to hear more from Stacy. Do you think she will make fun of them this time?