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  1. I know that HDTGM doesn't seem to do movies before the 80's but I saw this movie on TCM and it is NUTS! Kim Novak plays a timid actress who has been chosen to play the Legendary German star Lylah Clare, who died years ago. Novak starts speaking in a German accent, but is she possessed? Who knows, the movie never explains. But there are so many weird things in this movie, like Novak walking around with her shirt wrapped around her neck so you can see her bra, with no explanation. Suddenly a trapeze is introduced as a plot device out of now where. And the ending with the dog food commercial is amazing. I think this would be a fun movie to discuss and I hope you check it out.
  2. Creamy Deluxe

    Submit your pick for The Canon's Ultimate Listener's Choice!

    Rosemary's Baby Ali:Fear Eats the Soul The Marriage of Maria Braun The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant Baby Face-The pre-code Stanwyck move
  3. Creamy Deluxe

    Episode 160 - Tommy (w/ David Fear)

    There should a Ken Russell film in the Canon, and if not Tommy then either The Devils or Woman in Love. He was an amazing director that I discovered in my early 20s and everything he did was so different from anything I had seen, I fell in love with his work. Glenda Jackson was right when she lamented after Russell's death that he didn't get the respect he deserved for being an original. And Nicholas Roeg should have a movie in The Canon also. Another British director with a wild, brilliant directing style. Don't Look Now is definitely canon worthy.
  4. Creamy Deluxe

    Citizen Kane

    I am so glad that Amy and Paul are doing this. I'm looking forward to listening to all 100 episodes!1 I love Citizen Kane. I always wonder if it is over rated the I see it on TCM and remember how great it is. In response to why Kane wants to make Susan a opera star, I think it is Joseph Cotton who says that when the scandal with Susan happened the headlines referred to Susan as a Quote Singer Unquote. Kane wanted to remove the quotes. So it was all about him. And a great scene that wasn't mentioned was the photo of all the reporters for the rival newspaper and how it comes to life when Kane has hired all of them for his paper. That was amazing!!
  5. Creamy Deluxe

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Devin always does that. When he has a movie he likes he always bullies Amy and cuts her off when all she is doing is trying to have a discussion and state her opinion.
  6. Creamy Deluxe

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    If you are interested in putting more foreign films up for the cannon, then I suggest looking at Fassbinder's work. There are so many great movies to choose from: The Marriage of Maria Bruan, Beware of a Holy Whore, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, and Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (my favorite). He was very prolific for someone who died at age 37 and had a fascinating life.
  7. Creamy Deluxe

    Episode 67 - Lolita

    I love Shelly Winters in this movie. I agree with Amy that she is hearbreaking. Her character is lonely and in love and when she finds out the truth, it is so sad. I think Winters made the character much more 3 dimensional than was written on the page. I always loose interest in the movie once her character dies. And I agree, Peter Sellers is very annoying in this, expecially in the openng. I vote for exclusion from the canon.
  8. Creamy Deluxe

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    I just happened to catch "The Boost" on cable the other night. This is the perfect movie for HDTGM!! It has James Woods as a coke-head! Sean Young trying to act! 1980's fashion! It is hilarious to watch Woods act coked-out. His character starts as a spaz so he has to turn it up to 11 when he is high. Please do this movie.