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    EPISODE 104.5 — Minisode 104.5

    I have different opinion of what may have happened in this movie. It's obvious Katie is crazy since she spends most of this movie talking to the ghost of the wife of the dude she is banging. So what if all of this is random shit made up in her head? What if the cop isn't an abusive husband? What if he's just trying to find his batshit crazy wife before she has another episode? What if she just freaked out and stabbed him with no provocation the first time? What if there is no fire at the end? What if she was just hallucinating the fire and him hitting her? What if he was just trying to save his psychotic wife and she shoots him in the face? What if she just murdered an innocent man and then got away with it? These questions have boggles my mind for the last 24 hours.