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    EPISODE 104.5 — Minisode 104.5

    This movie would be much better backwards. Then it would be the tale of a woman's ghost returning from the afterlife/Heaven to push away a dangerous drifter who lives in the woods away from her surviving family. Opening: ghost of a wife and mother sees a strange woman swinging on her swing. Who is this woman, and will she be good her kids? Cut to the adulterous blonde drifter woman kissing the ghost's husband next to a corpse, with their young daughter watching, surrounded by the flames of the business the ghost had worked so hard to build with her family. Then the drifter (and perky destroyer of lives) climbs on top of her dead husband, and using dark magics brings him back to life. Her resurrected husband uses his magic zippo to capture an out of control fire, heroically saving the store and the owner's child. The blonde demon's husband returns to Boston PD, and he's given his gun back, because it turns out he's an okay cop after all. Around the same time, the adulterous blonde drifter chick is discovered by her lover to be wanted by the FBI, so after he shows her a poster of her as a murder suspect, he goes to the police station like a good citizen and posts it on the bulletin board. Then they have sex where presumably he calls her the wrong name, and go on a few dates, but gradually grown more and more distant. Finally, the rejected castoff in the woods scrapes paint off the floor of her shack and returns it to her now-estranged lover's store. He refunds her money out of forced politeness, and she buys a bus ticket back to her husband, who's been drinking less and less lately, and seems to be on a good path. Foreshadowing for sequel: The unstable drifter woman stops at her old lunatic neighbors. The drifter dyes her hair dark adds hair extensions, and splashes blood all over her. Good cop's wife is coming home...