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  1. uk-union-jack-flag-waving-animated-gif-3.gif


    "Fucking A one, sunshine!


    It never occured to me that it wasnt called Avengers Assemble outwith the UK even though I know its a reasonably common practice."



    I wouldn't say it's due to this movie, but rather the show which is well-regarded on both sides of the Atlantic, but more of an aficianado thing over here so even if people didn't know the Marvel comics they mostly wouldn't think "what, Steed and Peel?" but they probably thought maybe they oughta differentiate a bit for the UK audience.

  2. The imagery wasn't any more plausible in 1995 than it had been in "Weird Science".


    Being such geeks shouldn't they have referenced "Superman III" without waiting for Office Space to do it? One fleeting Star Wars reference?


    I really don't remember bondage pants being a thing when I was in college. jnco's sure, but not that nuttiness they had on.


    Also, I can't believe Jason didn't point out the mix tape of ZUKES! (though I guess he might not want to be associated with vomit)

  3. serious omission here yall.


    When Dade is hacking OTV he call the security desk and asks for the modem number, the Guard gives him THE WRONG NUMBER on the modem it says 212-555-4220 but the guard tells him 212-555-4240. therefore he couldn't have gotten into OTV would have never met acid burn and the movie would have never happened. Potentially saving the world from potential ecological disaster cause by their discovery of the worm.



    See? I THOUGHT that was the number! I just thought my Nikon Eyez had failed me.


    Awesome! I can't wait to hear it.


    Oh, and before I forget to mention it: The workout show from the 80's Paul was trying to remember I believe was called The 20-Minute Workout. It used to come on right after morning G.I. Joe cartoons on the local UHF channel in my hometown (what a combo that programming was!) This workout show even has a cameo in the classic Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte film 48 Hours (the scene where they bust into the bad guy's girlfriend's apartment looking for info).



    That's the one. I wanted to yell at my computer "20 Minute Workout, dammit!!"

  5. I've not watched Jupiter Ascending, is there any dollar amount worth paying to see it? What about free? Nothing was said about the film in Paul's brief 'we're doing Jupiter Ascending' podcast and episode that made it feel like it would be a good use of my time. Have I dodged a bullet?


    And I watched "Hercules In New York" gladly! But no...even the time didn't seem worth it, as well as what I'd have to spend on the booze.

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  6. This reminds me of what I think may have been the most egregious "no one's gonna fuckin' care" use of this that I've ever personally seen, which was the Jackie Chan movie "Mr. Nice Guy". In it, there's a hidden camera inside a wall or something that no one in the movie is supposed to see. Bad things happen, someone gets killed or something, and someone runs off with the tape. Later, they're watching it, and it's the fully edited scene, from a camera that was basically set up to see through a hole in the wall. Great stuff.



    "Riding With Death" was so influential!814Riding1.jpg

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  7. When Stellar Skateboard's character is airlifted out and the helicopter crashes, why isn’t a second rescue team sent out? I imagine the hospital or airport they are working for would wonder what happened to their rescue team. Was there no concern that they lost contact with their people? Where’s the rescue team for the rescue team?



    It's like the second rescue ship in Aliens.


    You know, except they're apparently about fifty miles off the coast of California.

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  8. It's a SECRET that they're genetically modified sharks? How did they think they were different? I figured the "Harvard Protocol" stuff meant they hadn't modified human genes, because these are clearly modified sharks, there's been three generations of huge modified sharks WHOA, you did WHAT?!?!


    Thomas Jane's criminal record has nothing to do with anything going on. It's gonna attract bad publicity? What, by Monday? She's got two days to cure Alzheimer's, it's NOT going to be an issue.


    It's *aggressively* stupid. I thought it was just *kinda* stupid so I'd never watched it. Oh no, they're going large here. Beautiful.

  9. I think the bike got abandoned, I know the canoe did.


    Does Mrs. Ghost send them home? "'s'alright, I got a ghost'll come pick it up."


    "Why are you so late?" "It was raining." "You were ten minutes away!"


    Why did they bother getting in a boat to set off the fireworks? They were ten feet from the dock (if you think about it, Alex burned his own place down).


    Did you notice the gas pump foreshadowing when Lexie vaguely mentions police? "Hey everybody, Lasse here--just want you know there's a gas pump adjacent to the store. I'll see you all in a bit."

  10. "Do you know this woman?" "Yeah, you live across the street from me. What are you, drunk?"


    Where can she go from Atlanta? ANYWHERE! If the guy told him there's an airport here too it would've blown his mind. "Wait...I'm in a Nicholas Sparks movie, she's in North Carolina. Phew, that was easy."


    Until the end I got progressively more irritated with Smulders' character because she was so unnecessary because she was so underwritten. But everything was underwritten. Actually, it just wasn't written at all.


    Also "this isn't the way to win her back, champ! Say it with flowers!" Shouldn't he have been arrested and not just suspended? Has no one noticed he hasn't been doing his job for....I dunno, two weeks? (this movie probably takes place within about two weeks, let's be honest. She was able to rent a mysteriously furnished house with zero deposit, credit check, legal identification--everything in this universe is very quick.) Is he even really a detective? I think he's like when Kramer pretended to work at that office. "Who's that guy that keeps hanging around here making fake wanted posters?"

    The phone book says "911" in BIG RED LETTERS, and she dials two other numbers, the first of which is four digits. Is she calling Lexie on the upstairs office extension?


    "This drunk sweaty freak tried to convince he was a detective and that he's looking for Katie. I bluffed him but I think he's really dangerous so I thought I should let you know, in case he comes back later and tries to kill all of us."


    Who decided this movie needed 2.35? Sparks? "I want my Carolina in Cinemascope. In fact I DEMAND it, Lasse!"


    I don't get angry about entertainment because I can just IGNORE the stuff I don't want to watch or listen to This movie is proof why that's a good, healthy way to live, because it made me SO mad.



    "my sole motivating factor being the need to discuss this HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE MOVIE." EXACTLY

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