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  1. How long do you think it's going to be before the Scotts give us a new ep? John Lennon announced on Monday that he's going to be covering the Joshua Tree, I thought that was pretty big news!
  2. PiltdownMan

    Ask Paul!

    While I also love the Earwolf regulars, I super-appreciate that you've been doing this, and I feel like it's been working well. I had no idea that your compatriots from No, You Shut Up had improv chops, and I was blown away in the absolute best way by the episode you did with those folks. I was an instant fan of all of them. Everyone that you've brought in has been nothing but delightful. I also wasn't too familiar with Chris Tallman, and he's been knocking it out of the park, too.
  3. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 235 β€” Vision Impaired, Still Prepared

    Holy crap; that was a hell of a premiere of the new Howard and Stard track. Loved it, loved it, loved it.
  4. PiltdownMan

    Ask Paul!

    Mr. F. Tompkins, this show has become a ritual for me in the best way. I miss a ton if I don't specifically carve out an hour or two to listen, so I do, usually with a beer out on the deck while I watch the local wildlife. I have to say that it truly is one of the best parts of my week. Serious question, though; any thoughts on helping the interview portion of the show relate more naturally to the improv portion? Sometimes it seems like the tie-ins go a little out the window once the ball gets rolling on the scene. Is anyone writing anything down in the room while you're having your chat? I feel like if I were there, I'd be jotting a few brief notes just to jog my memory while I'm trying to keep several timelines and a dozen characters straight. Oh! And before I forget - could you please ask Eban to do a few more Musicorium episodes? I've been waiting since 2013! I love that show! (It's so good to be hearing from him again every week on this show!)
  5. I don't know if this was the technically best episode, but I sure laughed the hardest I've laughed since "that's not a knife", which is saying something, because that killed me.
  6. PiltdownMan

    Comedy Bang Bang TV show renewed for 2016

    IFC's feedback page is broken, so you can contact them at ifcfeedback@ifc.com if you want to voice your support for the show. I told them I typically watch each ep when it airs, and at least one or two more times the following week, so I should count for ratings x3.
  7. WSGLL constructive criticism to guests and hosts: don't be afraid to get really pissed at each other when the situation calls for it. It really makes for an interesting show. My very favorite episodes are the ones where that week's host has a super strong premise and jumps right in as if its something they've been doing forever. WSGLL praise to guests and hosts: I love you all. The long format of this show builds for me like a corked bottle of sparkling wine. I'll make it halfway through relatively calmly, and then there'll be a line or a pause that gets me, and I'll break down laughing no matter where I am.
  8. Now that Eban has returned on Spontaneanation,, is there any chance we might see a second run of this show? Even like six more episodes? Pretty please?
  9. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 6 - Dracula's Bedroom

    Okay, so this show has become a ritual for me. I've found that I get nothing out of the show if I'm not like really really listening, unlike almost all other shows. I lose the thread easily, you know?. So on the nicest day of the week, I grab a beer, and I grab my favorite CBB glass (available in the Earwolf store!) and I go out on the deck and sit and listen. Today, it was gorgeous. The trees were blooming, the weather was wonderful, and I had a nice Sierra Montan- er, Nevada. And I'll be damned if this wasn't the best episode of this show yet. I had no idea the other folks behind No, You Shut Up had these kinds of improv chops, and I want to hear from all of them again, together or otherwise. Paul was at the top of his game as always, and even though I say it in every thread, I'll say it again: Eban is the bee's knees, man. He really is the best. I had a really rough day at work, and this really, really made me like the world again. I wish Scott had been there to put a stop to some of the shoddy math in this episode, though. I mean, really? 3 is the root of 6? 6 times 3 is 666? 8 and 7 make 13? Come on!
  10. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 231 β€” Slow Dance Party

    I heard a few Armen episodes back before I was a regular listener of this show. For a year or so I cherry-picked a few backlog eps and popped in when the guest looked interesting. HOWEVER, within the past two months I've become a die-hard regular twice-a-week listener because of the great vibes I've been getting from the hosts. I remember liking Armen just fine during his stint as host. If you're not a fan, though, please go listen or relisten to the whiplash ep of I4H - he killed it. That ep was so funny and such a perfect sequel of the Besser ep of hooch.
  11. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 349 β€” The 6th Anniversary Show!

    This continues CBB's best year ever. I think every three or four episodes, we're getting stuff that would be considered an all time classic if the rest of the field weren't so strong. Lauren's always great, but she was particularly on fire with the one-liners. Everyone else? Pure dream team of comedy. I love all of Mike's work, and Wengert gave me the biggest laugh of the day with the big reveal during the plugs section. And Neil Fucking Campbell, I love every one of your appearances, and this might have been your best one yet. Best new character of the year, perhaps? It's not that I DEMAND more appearances, but I strongly suggest it. Thanks for six wonderful years, CBB. I've only been listening on a weekly basis for about two and a half years, because I didn't know it was a thing before then. It sounds like a strange and selfish thing to say about a thing that strangers do for free on the internet machine, but the show really feels like it's enriched my life. It's not the *only* thing I have to look forward to on a weekly basis, but it is the only thing that brightens my day between my working hours of 4:00 AM and 3:30 PM. Every Monday, and sometimes Thursday, (not to mention most Friday evenings, nowadays), I get to go to a strange and magical world where everything is joyful and funny people let me hang with them for a while. It's great.
  12. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 345 β€” Shifting Bouncy

    Grepisode. PB killed it; he really seemed to thrive on playing multiple folks. The funniest part of the episode was the Explosione Sr. phone call, I thought, but my favorite bit was when I was expecting our old friend Mathematition Scott and he absolutely delivered.
  13. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 343 β€” Athlete's Head

    Man, what a treat. This episode turned my day right around. We are living in a golden age of comedy, folks, and when you can have Scott and Gabrus and Small all in the same room putting out two hours of joy like it ain't even a thang, it's something special. Also, props to Alicia Witt for a charming first-time appearance.
  14. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 180 β€” #RaceTogether

    I was definitely getting an Andy Daly vibe from that character in a very good way. This whole episode was a treat from start to finish. I've been regularly listening to this show for about a year now. While there hasn't been a single episode I haven't really enjoyed, lately it seems that every other episode could qualify as an all-time best. This one is no exception. I'm not too familiar with Amanda Sitko, but she was dishing out some tip-top stuff. And I of course always expect nothing less than stellar from Gemberling. The Woody Allen scene killed me. Bill Cosby killed me. Haitian Joe killed me. Holy shit.
  15. Okay, three things. First, the show is fantastic. I loved every second of it. Second, three cheers to Brett for clearing up the mystery of the effects transition. I would have been wondering about that for the next seventy-five episodes. Third, and this is a big one - I can't even describe how wonderful it is to have our resident mmmuuusical genious and theremin virtuoso back on Earwolf. I've been an Eban Schletter fan since the Mr. Show days. I've had my fingers crossed for a return of the Musicorium podcast for a while now, and this is the next best thing. Super, super good to hear his music again, especially in this venue. Mr. F Tompkins, I salute you AND your underwear. I will be seein' you same bat-time, same bat-channel for as long as you choose to continue this endeavour.
  16. I loved this episode so much. I swear Lapkus just keeps getting better every week. I listened to the part towards the end when the eight colors of hair were listed off about six times. And I can take solace in the fact that when I'm dead, I'll still be wearing clothes for the rest of my life.
  17. I think I need a grin-ectomy. I've been doing Dabney impersonations all day!
  18. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 341 β€” Banging the Table with Stars

    2/2 stars for this ep. I've always enjoyed Claudia's appearances, but she really came out swingin' on this ep and I might have liked her here even better than the famous Toni Macaroni ep. Neil Campbell can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned, and Stars sounded great. I like the CBB mmmusical eps almost as much as I like the I4H mmmusical eps. It really is a testament to Scott's skills as host, which really are as sharp as they've ever been - he's super funny, but also smoothly ties things together and keeps them from getting too out of hand.
  19. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 339 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2015

    It was really good to hear from Nick again in this episode. Lauren is such a pro that she's great even when she has nothing to work with. Horatio's improv style is so off the rocker that I love it even when I hate it. With the live format, sometimes the performers mesh really well, like the recent WSGLL with Thomas Middleditch, and sometimes they don't. I feel like this one leaned towards the latter, but I don't think it's really anyone's fault. Things I enjoyed: Couch cushions and medicine balls, Kroll's self-referential comments about racial sensitivity, Todd's homosexuality.
  20. Lauren's character was oddly sweet in this episode - it was nice for a change, and I'd love to see her return. Also, I'd like to nominate this episode for the funniest Help Me Rhonda segment to date. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.
  21. PiltdownMan

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    This episode sponsored by 7-11.
  22. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    There's so much talent in that picture I've gone blind! That's how it works, right?
  23. PiltdownMan

    EPISODE 177 β€” Marriage Money

    Everyone really committed to that Nerf sketch, really dredged up some old memories of that kid down the block who would shoot everyone with darts out of nowhere.
  24. This episode was all-around fantastic. In the beginning, when Lauren's character was being introduced with that laundry list of absolutely crazytown bonkers bunch of attributes, I think I died.