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  1. I am #TeamKristen all the way. Unless Marissa is reading this, then I'm #TeamMarissa because I'm terrified of her!
  2. "Can you zip me up?" I legit almost walked into traffic because I was laughing so hard.
  3. Xitgame

    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    Possible Omission I may be misremembering this but the cop husband, who hasn't seen the wife other than a crummy black and white bus terminal video where she is in a hoodie, starts walking through the parade and grabbing women with the wifes hairstyle. He hasn't laid eyes on her since watching the tape and he made the approximated image in photoshop. Not only did he guess the wifes hair, he's going to check every woman in the town with a hairstyle that he made up?