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  2. MrMoxie

    Episode 478 - Spank Me With A Feather!

    It's pretty lame that Scott spoils the end to Breaking Bad in this episode. That's a legit dick move not a joke dick move.
  3. Something I found interesting happened this episode. At 8:30ish they were talking about Daniel Stern and home alone and then at 16:40 they think of "Nero's Pizza". I don't think they consciously realized it but the pizza delivery company in home alone was "Little Nero's Pizza". So it's just fascinating to see how the subconscious makes connections to things without people even consciously realizing where they get their ideas from.
  4. Whoever on staff watches these needs to watch this whole video and somehow get Matt to respond to it:
  5. Porpity Portugal the Portuguese Porpoise or Chickity China the Chinese Chicken
  6. I've finally made it to this episode and I have to say that I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I'm sorry if my emphatic enthusiasm is cringey but I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Besser's self awareness with his occasional scroogeyness perfectly set up this whole narrative and everybody was so much fun this time. It was nice to hear people in character be a bit more honest like how Gabrus is annoyingly typecast at casting, or how Scott/Kulap do seem to get preferential treatment at the earwolf store. These things could fuel cynical sincere rants but instead when expressed through good humored characters. It shows that everybody involved are each big enough people to laugh it off rather than be bitter people, even if the parking is terrible. The callbacks to things like the Pike being a cyborg case closed were great, in general it was really impressive how quirks from previous episodes were used as set-up for jokes in this episode. Everything here was executed so well, including the times where you subvert the tropes like Armen not being that different in his 3 ghost forms, or Besser/Armen using the ghostly vision to perv out on Brett's girlfriend. Also really got to give credit to Brett, he got pimped out a lot here and rather than let it get to his head he played along minimally. never trying to make the bit about him, even when it was. A vainer person would've said "now it's finally my turn to be the improv star" but instead he played along very well and modestly. I really needed a laugh and although i4h is often far more blue than I'd prefer (I always worry my earbuds will come out of my phone and the people at the grocery store will hear one of the graphic sex bits) this episode was really funny and genuinely upbeat in a way that really raised my spirits. Great job!
  7. It's hard to stop a train
  8. You can't stop this funky bus of funk
  9. A news-story (audio only) that I think Matt would have thoughts about: http://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=510310945
  10. MrMoxie

    Episode 441 - Your Cousin Marvin

    I actually really liked him but was mad at Scott/Jason for basically steamrolling him. I felt like he had some solid character-work but Scott/Jason weren't "yes and-ing" and instead "no but... word association" which is charming when it's just them but annoying as fuck when it feels like they are getting in the way of a guest they had on the show. By the end Carl was pretty much quiet because they had trampled over him. It was kinda rude and frustrating and I think Scott/Jason were having too much fun screwing around to notice. There was one point in the episode where Marvin (Carl) was about to get into how he witnessed swimming moves and was calling up his cousin Michael to tell them about it. Presumably he'd call up Michael Phelps and say something like "I hear you are looking for new swimming moves, SO LISTEN TO THIS!" Which would've been funny because simply the sound of swimming moves is a shitty way to communicate those moves. I'm just guessing, idk how the bit would've played out but I got the impression Carl definitely had one full joke story planned out which Scott/Jason never let him tell. Which really bugged me. His character had one key bit to get to and they didn't even let it play out once, let alone let it play out 3 times which would've made me laugh like crazy. It's kinda funny when you push somebody on a throw away detail like "tell me more about getting hit by a truck" but Scott has a habit of just pushing and pushing and pushing at something like that which can be funny on it's own but is annoying as hell when it steps on somebody else who had clearly prepped a character Carl: So I couldn't compete in the Olympics, and so--- Scott: Why couldn't you compete? Carl: Uh... I got hit by a truck... it's not important. What's important is that I was going to call Michael because I was at the pool and--- Scott: Tell me more about getting hit by a truck. What year was it? What color was the truck? What model was the truck? how do you know what year the truck was? Was that a good year for trucks? trucks rhyme with ducks, what do you think about ducks? I like daffy duck. Jason: Daffy Taffy! Scott: Daffy taffy more like laughy taffy daffy... raffi. Oooooh, what if Raffi did a crossover with Daffy Duck and we could call it 'Raffi Daffy' Jason: 'ok what would an episode of 'Raffi Daffy' look like? Scott: Wanna play an episode out now? Jason: A whole episode of 'Raffi Taffy'? Scott: It's called 'Raffi Daffy' PAY ATTENTION. Jason: Sorry sorry, ok who am I in this? Scott: You are Daffy Duck, can you do a Daffy Duck impression? Jason: *Tries duck impression* Scott: THAT'S DONALD DUCK, DUMBASS! Jason: Donald Duck Dumbass, is that a T-shirt? Scott: Shut up, we are getting off topic now back to what we were talking about... Carl: So I was calling Michael Phelps... Scott: NO, I mean we have to play out an episode of 'Raffi Daffy' Jason: So I'm Daffy Duck and that makes you Raffi? Scott: No, I'll play Mayor McCheese Jason: Mayor McCheese is in this? Scott: Yes, it's part of the Raffi Daffy lore. Do I have to explain everything to you? Jesus, Jason. Why do you have to Donald Duck Dumbass this up? Jason: I really Donald Duck Dumbassed this one bad. Scott: You really triple D'ed this bad Jason: Yep Scott: You really 3D'ed this Jason: Scott? Scott: What? Jason: Scott? I have a question. And I want you to be honest Scott: Ok... Jason: What do you think "3D" means... Scott: What are you talking about, I think it means what everybody thinks it means Jason: ...Scott? Scott: What?!? Jason: Do you think 3D stands for "Donald Duck Dumbass"? Scott: ... Jason: Be Honest Scott: Yes! Jason: So this whole time you've thought people who have been going to see 3D movies have been going to see Don--- Scott: Donald Duck Dumbass movies. Why, isn't that right? Jason: No, Scott, that is very much not right. Scott: Well, agree to disagree. Jason: No. No. You are just wrong. Scott: AGREE TO DISAGREE. Look, we have a guest here we've been neglecting him so let's get back on topic. Carl: So, I was calling up Michael Phelps... Scott: No, you need to say who you are playing on "Raffi Daffy"! I've already called Mayor McCheese, you can be Grimace AND ACTION! [Cue Scott and Jason (and sparingly including Carl) playing out a 58 minute episode of "Raffi Daffy", a fictional tv series based on 2 seconds of word association.] I really hope they have Carl back and let the guy actually play out the character he had prepped, I felt like he had something there and just never got to share it.
  11. farts farts poop poop, butts are in the air. My name is Bob, I have no job, and I don't even care.