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    That'll do pig, that'll do.

    Hey, I don't use iTunes either! I don't mean to use this forum to advertise, but me and my friend actually made a website that's intended to be an improved version of podbay (we don't have stats like they do yet, but we update more frequently than podbay does) check it out if you want, it's called Podplay: http://podplay.me
  2. I think Marc Maron would probably be the least cooperative guest, but not in the oblivious Pauly Shore sort of way. I think he would be actively opposed to the premise of the show and it would be very funny.
  3. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Sean and Hayes are on Comedy Bang Bang!!! Fuck me!!

    Hey Ged, me and mwn were trying to carpool since we're in adjacent states, but his GPS broke and now we're completely lost. Can you give us directions to wherever you are from Route 93 so you can get fucked?
  4. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Who would you like to be guests on CBB alongside Hayes and Sean?

    Dude I can't believe noone has suggested Pauly Shore to be with them on CBB. He could call Sean a homo again and they could finally get some closure.
  5. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    I think it would be great if they did a call-in episode, but just for their advertisers. I'd like to hear what Privlo and Lootcrate think of their ad-copy reading abilities. Previous advertisers, including Cards Against Humanity, count too.
  6. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Weirdo coincidink

    Doesn't Harvard Hollis give you access to geneological records? Go ask Hay Z if you can borrow his old ID number Edit: this is actually a really funny inside joke about Harvard's online library database.
  7. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Yeah, your avatar HAS to be an accurate representation of who you are in real life; that's internet 101. I'm Michelle from full house!
  8. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Bozos, you're getting a great deal on that property! Even if you built a hotel on that thing you'd only have to pay $950 for rent? That's unheard of for Boston, unless you're pulling an A Bear or a SteveH.
  9. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Oh that's weird, that's the same time Bobby Schmurda started selling coke. Is Bobby Schmurda a good reference for this forum?
  10. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    need help... scary circumstances

    Be careful what you wish for, my son.
  11. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    No good books about skiing

    I feel like this topic might be against forum rules somehow. Someone check the hollywood handbook forum handbook, please.
  12. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    I mean this isn't an original thought or anything, but the way they were begging Neil Casey for guests was soooo good. I can only imagine how much all those people that got referred from the Comedy Bang Bang ad LOVED this episode. This one was a nice, gradual introduction to the sort of humor that Sean and Hayes bring to the table and it was probably not confusing at all to listen to. And boy did Privlo get a boost from this ep.
  13. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    EPISODE 80 — Jon Gabrus Again, Our Close Friend

    I know what everyone's thinking about that Monopoly board... where's Will Sticksbeer on it? I mean, he's made invaluable contributions to this forum, he's smart and cool and he might even have almost 30 posts on it. At the tender age of 9 posts, Will Sticksbeer penned a question that would stump the previously undefeated Quizmaster Kumail Nanjiani about 'computers' and 'how good it is'. Although that may be his only true accomplishment related to this podcast, people get a lot of enjoyment out of his profile picture, which is MIchelle Tanner from Full House falling into a bush because she can't ride a bike. Many people have privately indicated (not on the forums, so there's no way for you to check or say otherwise) that Will Sticksbeer is probably the best member on the forums and that they would really like him to be on a Monopoly board. So wow, it seems like people really like this guy! He's got a lot going for him and I don't know about you guys, but I think he deserves a shot at the big time (read: the monopoly time). Best Wishes, An uninterested party
  14. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    A little problem with this podcast...

    I think you've missed the point and the proverbial boat on this one, chicknsandwich-man. The point of the podcast isn't to making sandwiches, it's to being good at movies. Sean and Hayes have been working in this industry for years and this has granted them the authority to make controversial and unevidenced assertions about it at large. Plus, I think Hayes did that Jeopardy game one time, which is cool.
  15. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Engineer Cody warped my child brain

    I feel like this is a variation of my extremely successful post about whether Engineer Cody was real or not. If he is ghost and can leave his body by doing astral projection, then I think that my original point that Cody isn't real would be valid. If he is usb drive like Game of Scones suggests, may Brett have mercy on our souls...
  16. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Why no more cards against humanity ads?

    As you know, the HH brand is increasing in value exponentially. One unfortunate result of this brand growth is that it is getting too expensive for relatively niche products like 'Cards Against Humanity' to get ad space. Survival of the fittest, man.
  17. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Episode 76 — Hal Rudnick, Our Close Friend

    I might be off-topic here by referring directly to the episode, but I'm pretty sure that this one talked about semen more than any HH episode in history. Does that count as a world record? Does anyone on this web site work for the Guiness Book?
  18. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Why is nobody doing this?

    You've really set the bar high, sissy fist. It's hard to even know where you've set it, but I bet you were high doing it.
  19. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    A forum on forums

    SteveH, formerly American Diaper. I told you that when I got famous I'd bring you up with me, and nothing has changed. I appreciate everything you've done and even if it sounds like a character I think it's important that you are allowed to have the voice you want. Just because Andrew doesn't enjoy what you've said doesn't mean everyone doesn't. I think you're funny, do what you want!
  20. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    The HH guys on CBB

    I really appreciated Sean and Hayes helping Scott out with those ads. CBB needs a lot of help with their ratings, unlike Hollywood Handbook.
  21. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Is Engineer Cody Real?

    I understand that I'm new on this forum and I probably don't have as much respect as some of you important bigwigs here in the industry, but if Sean and Hayes have taught me anything it's that I should really try to get out there. Every word I type is my audition, so I'd like to do the piece that I've practiced for you all, my auditioners. I think that Engineer Cody probably isn't real. Think about it for a second, if he was real, why can't we see him when we turn on the podcast? We know that Sean and Hayes are real because they is the hosts of the show, but Cody is only ever defined in the words of the podcast hosts. When we hear Cody talk, it could just be an electrical signal sent from the podcast headphone wires directly into our brain to cause us to hallucinate his speech patterns. There is absolutely no evidence for his existence, and I at least encourage you to think about whether Engineer Cody is real or not, because it's this sort of thing that Obama is trying to convince us of.
  22. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Is Engineer Cody Real?

    The only thing you're very close to is the sack of lies that engineer ghost-ey and Hot Soccermom are feeding you.
  23. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Is Engineer Cody Real?

    Bertram, this isn't Comedy Bang Bang. Riddle me this, won't you: expand your mind. Scott Anchorman has been lying to you, just like the ghost that pretends to be Engineer Cody.
  24. IanDrakeMcGaunn

    Episode 74 — Kumail Nanjiani, Our Close Friend

    Sports is a lot of fun and cool and I really appreciate the references to sports games that people are making in this topic. Also I really appreciate this comment because pretzels is my favorite food, and the only food that the doctor is allowing me to eat after the eyelid lift, which seemingly had some stomach interactions. Was anyone else disappointed about Kumail's avoidance of the Packingstan question? I really wanted to know if Packingstan was any good...
  25. IanDrakeMcGaunn


    I'll never forget you, American Diaper. I could never be that foolish.