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  1. kittens

    Alan Yang, Our Close Friend

    how come no one post here no more
  3. what a great present from the boys to me today for my 1 year hollywood handbook forum anniversary today which is today i haven't listened yet and probably won't today (too busy celebrating) but i am sure it's a solid ep so thanks again boys will be back once i have listened to give my full thoughts and feelings p.s. can't wait to see what you have all got me for my anniversary today (p.s. i hope it is something i cool that i like) (p.s. see ytou later)
  4. guys on tuesday i will have been a hollywood handbooks forum member for one whole year what are you getting me i should get to work on my speech see you tuesday p.s. solid ep
  5. kittens

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    i will admit that i got greedy i am however unashamed of my actions i am ruthless and do what it takes to get results and that is an enviable quality p.s. if this post gets sixteen likes i reach the gold standard 10:1 i am merely pointing this out
  6. kittens

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    if this post gets 19 likes my like to post ratio will finally be 10:1 once i have achieved this it can all stop it will be finished please friends this is all i want i have been chasing this dream for so long and now it is in sight i trust that you will do what is right
  7. kittens

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    good show today to the hollywood handboys congratulations men on a job well done they way in which you talked about deadpool was just right also and the jokes were good too okay now i'll see you all next week
  8. hello friends what's going on in the forum does anyone here play lottery tickets? i got a lottery ticket for tomorrow night's game of lottery and i've got a pretty good feeling about it here is what i would do if i won the lottery: -have a girlfriend -have a job life would be sweet what would you do if you won the lottery thanks a bunch
  9. what the fuck is going on where my FUCKING EP ps going ikea today with my best friend's girlfriend, won't that be fun okay see ya
  10. can't believe i missed another call in episode i'm too busy playing videogames to check the forum every day of my entire life did any of you ever play a videogame? it was pretty cool right
  11. my favourite take-away a pizza bye guys edit oh in uk we call take out food take away food this was just a joke i hope i didnt confuse anyone okay bye guys
  12. hi guys it's me kittens here hi anyone know what episode's on tomorrow also guys i'm so bored it's chris's birthday but he got really cross with me cos in the past i teased him for not knowing how to read a 24 hour clock and he really told me off for teasing him about it tonight he really should know how to tell the time though anyway hope you're all okay ok see ya
  13. friends in the united kingdom it has just come out that our prime minister put his willy in a dead pig's mouth while at university i really couldn't be happier to hear this news and just had to share hope you all enjoy this news as much as i did love, kittens
  14. allan how to get a job muchos thank you
  15. been listening to lots of the reality show show lately - it's funny! been playing yoshi's wooly world on my wii u while listening - it's fun! been jacking it all over the house cos both my housemates got jobs and i'm still unemployed - it's cool! been eating discount eggs and grated cheese - it's not so bad! life is good, friends
  16. p.s. those dogs really want to eat that green stuff don't they
  17. guys, i have to apologise i made a promise in the last thread that i would post a lot in this week's thread to make up for being so lax in the past i really meant to do it but my friend tom took me on a trip on tuesday and it totally messed it all up (we went to a charity shop, i got a 6 foot framed poster of sheryl crow for £2 - very reasonable) next week, however, i will be posting in the new thread from day one, keeping up to date with everything being discussed and even saying a few funny things along the way i can't wait, see you then p.s. this episode was good
  18. hey guys just a quick update from next tuesday i will be very much involved in the new thread - this is a promise i make to you all i am aware i have been quite lax for the past couple of months and i will completely make up for it with my great new posts i have some great diet advice to impart guys - it's gonna be great see you on tuesday! "can't wait, kittens" great speaking with you all - kittens x
  19. thank you for all the support everyone, i really feel like soon i will be able to put this whole ugly issue to rest it is similar in that there is a teddy and a man talks to it, and like that's like what ted is isn't it i mean come on it's blatant plagiarism and i want my money