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    EPISODE 5 - Mars Base 3

    Now the ads have recurring characters? Paradigm shift-ception 2.WOW! This is the perfect podcast.
  2. WOW! That's an 1h12min eargasm. First of all the material was awesome, as expected. It sounded like they had some musical genius improvise on that awesome material, The classical/cinematic sound gave a really fitting but surrealistic feel for the "drama". I'm very surprised if it's coming from files on a computer. I have to admit, when I listen to podcasts on a laptop (rather than on the go), I skip the commercials since they're just the same thing episode to episode. But because these commercials were kind of part of the lore, like deleted scenes on a dvd, they had me captivated. Improvised commercial acting should be a bigger thing. Can't wait for ep #2.
  3. JuhoGrubert

    New Foam

    I haven't had much good luck with women. In addition to being way past my prime, I'm always visibly socially awkward. I guess you could say I'm so old and radiate so much beta that I'd have more success carbon-dating.
  4. JuhoGrubert

    New Foam

    Dear United States Postal Service, I was scheduled to receive a courier of "First Class Mail", but surmising from that vulgar polo shirt and shorts of your employee, class is the last of your endeavors and indeed you have misspelled "crass" on your advertisement. Nauseated, I had to send the letter carrier back with this reclamation letter, for which I refuse to pay any non-existent class of postage. Don't bother replying.
  5. JuhoGrubert

    New Foam

    I used to think I was pansexual, until I put my penis in one and realized just how hot a pan can be.
  6. JuhoGrubert

    New Foam

    I used to think I was Pansexual, until I realized I could jerk off as easily to more favourable reviews.
  7. JuhoGrubert

    How do YOU balance being lonely&unemployed?

    Because your face won't listen? That is lonely indeed. But it is good to hear you've kept your hands busy despite the unemployment.
  8. doesn't really work as a catchphrase edit: In the phrase I was unsuccessfully parodying, mr. Aukerman used the term "juggle", and "lonely" isn't an antonym to "family". I guess in keeping with the original wording, better version would be "How do YOU juggle unemployment & loneliness?" See? Now it's in Comic Sans MS. Hilarious.